Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Camp Day IV

I'm running out of energy but I still had to get through another long day, five hours of Summer Camp, a Junior practice, a Senior practice and about six miles of walking between the field, Icelandia and the golf course for lunch.

The Quiet Group

We divided the morning Light Brown Team into three groups of six kids each.

This group of young ladies was my favorite. They really liked playing this strange new game and were quite excited to hit the blocking bag and tackle the big red dummy.

Mean Selma

Now Selma is a very nice girl with a big smile on her face . . . until you tell her to tackle the big red dummy that is. Then she gets this crazed look on her face, lowers her shoulders and plows through the bag with incredible force!

The kids really like trying on
this oversized helmet

The Afternoon Green Machine Team
Happy to be Alive

We met with 34 new kids today and 14 signed Letters of Intent to play Pee Wee football next season!

Our weekly totals from the eight 2 1/2 hour sessions of introducing American football to Hässleholm's children now show us with 56 youngsters signed up to play out of 144 who have been in our sessions this week. We are moving in the right direction.

In the evening, we had our last practice before playing the undefeated Kristianstad C4 Lions.

C4 has been ranked either #1 or #2 in the SAFF National Rankings all season long and rightfully so. They are a very solid, well coached, physical team with easily the best running back that I've seen this season in Sweden. It will be a very difficult game for us to say the least.

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