Monday, June 7, 2010

Good-Bye to Mike and Vanessa

Up bright and early again today as we had to catch the 6:24 a.m. train to Copenhagen's Kastrup Airport for Mike and Vanessa to start their journey back to California by flying to London.

Weary Travelers
At Hässleholm Central Station

Father and Son near Höör

We only had a few more hours together which made the fundamental problem of coaching in Europe, i.e., separartion from family, really rise to the surface.

The Kastrup Airport's Café Globetrotter

It seemed like an apt place for a last cup of coffee together today.

After seeing them through the Security Gate, I decided to go into Copenhagen and do a little sightseeing.

Symbolic of Oskarshamn's Season

I found this statue in the courtyard of Sankt Peders Church just as the skies unloaded a huge downpour.

It is June 7th for goodness sake!

Sankt Peders' Bell Tower

Copenhagen's Cathedral of Our Lady

A great place to escape the weather.

St. Andrew and his X cross

More family separation anxiety

Cool Wings on the Gammeltorv

Two women talking on the phone circa 1900

"Here Stood the Town's Kag
(whipping post) until 1780"

Those were the days . . .

It is legal to smoke at
Copenhagen's train station

Meanwhile, back in Hässleholm

It was the end of the school year, a day for parties, celebrations and crazy student antics. This group approached my with a scavenger hunt type list of things to find.

They wanted me to show them my underwear, if it was white, they would take a picture of my chonies and marked it off the list.

Unfortunately for them, I had blue ones on today.

Nice outfits and lots of whistles were the orders of the day

Captain America graduated as well today

Basically, Swedes are always looking for a chance to have a good time.

A Google translation of today's NorreSkåne article that was not on their website of Johan Hammarqvist's article about Saturday's forfeit.

Hurricanes Blown on the Match

Hässleholm Hurricanes went on Saturday missed the chance to take his second victory in Division 1. Oskarshamn Dockers left in the morning, walk over and that means that the team being thrown out of the game season series in accordance with Association rules. This in turn raises the in Hässleholm, Kristianstad C4 Lions and Carlshamn Oakleaves playing in the same series pool Oskarshamn and thus losing two matches. Oskarshamn four games against teams from the second series of the pool will be deleted.

Hurricanes coach George Contreras was naturally disappointed at the news from Oskarshamn.

"We had contact with them during the week and tried to persuade them to come but at 10 o'clock on match days they called and told that they would not come. It is sad for the sport and it is sad for our audience.

Hurricanes beat instead of the series match content to train and play an internal game in which players are thrown into positions where they do not usually play. A funny thing but not like playing the game correctly noted Contreras.

According to the game schedule would be met Hässleholm Oskarshamn in the first game after the summer break. When the match is not going to be the Hurricanes have been tempted to see if you can meet either a team from Denmark and one team from any of the other division one-game series that has free weekend of 7-8 August.

"We are looking at the possibility because we really want to play" said George Contreras.

The Second Installment of
The Emmigrant Series

The Karl Oskar Nilssons, a Swedish family that emmigrates to Minnesota in 1850, has now found their Homestead and continues their epic journey in the New World. This is a really well written book, I'm looking forward to the next installment.

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