Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mellow Tuesday

The view out our window at 11:30 last night

As I said in an earlier post, the sky is only black for a few hours each night as we approach this Friday's huge Mid-Summer Celebration. Although officially they say that the sun set at 9:53, you can see that it didn't get dark.

The Mid-Summer Celebration will be pagan, but fun I'm told.


Laurie in Kristianstad's Tivoliparken


We wandered around Kristianstad's shopping area today and took a nice walk in their park.

Our last team meeting before the
Summer Break

We met for about 45 minutes tonight as a team to discuss where we are as a team and as a program. The meeting was both positive and productive.

We set the starting date for practice at Tuesday, July 27th.

Even though our record is only 2-4, we all believe that we are making progress in this first year of the jump from Division II to Division I. With the big exception of the C4 Lions game last Sunday, we have been competitive in our other three losses. Interest in the Hurricanes in town is way up, as is media coverage and sign-ups for next year's Junior and Pee-Wee teams.

We all believe that this season's growing pains are the price we need to pay to build a very solid program for years to come. What our young team needs more than anything is just more experience which only comes through patience, practice, determination and will power.

The future IS bright for Canes football!!!

Johan Persson, Physical Fitness Guru

Johan, our starting Center, started working on his Summer Break goal, to run one mile.

That is one SWEDISH mile which equals ten kilometers, a little over six U.S. miles. I told him that I would me more than happy to watch him train.

For about two laps . . .

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