Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Juniors

Tuesday was a day to re-energize myself between Mike and Vanessa's departure yesterday and Laurie's arrival this Friday.

I used the solitude to read more of book #5 in the Detective Kurt Wallander mystery series, do some marketing and start cleaning the flat to get it closer to Laurie's meticulous standards.

Junior Team Recruiting Continues

We had 11 Juniors at practice tonight, a seasonal high. Many of these raw recruits are from the one day camp we put on at T-4 school a few weeks ago.

Of note tonight were two first timers in red on the left of the back row.

On the far left is Maron Zeiden. He is a good athlete who is the son of Emilio Zeiden, the local shoe repairman and key maker. I went into Emilio's shop last week to get a second set of flat keys made for Vanessa last week and Laurie the rest of the summer. Maron was in the shop with his Dad and I strongly suggested he come and try our unique sport. He showed up tonight and looked very good as a receiver.

Next to Maron is Viktor Svensson from our T-4 Camp. Viktor is just a natural talent as a linebacker.

The future is bright for the 'Canes.



Michael Contreras said...

It is really great to see the number of future 'Canes that showed up at the Juniors' practice. Thank you and all of the players that showed Vanessa and I hospitality when we were in Hassleholm. It was very much appreciated and we had a wonderful time...now go out and get another hammer this week. 'Canes Pride.

Johan said...

Great to hear about the juniors. Nice story about the newcomers.