Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hammer Time, Carlshamn Style

We were up bright and early to load up the team's charter bus for the 90 minute ride to the city of Karlshamn to play the Carlshamn Oakleaves. No, I don't really know why the city is spelled with a "K" and the team starts with a "C".

Hässleholm Hurricanes (1-3)
Carlshamn Oakleaves (0-5)

Speaking of helmets . . .

One of the green and gold Oakleaves apparently played for the silver and blue Karlskrona Seahawks sometime in the past but once you buy a helmet that fits you, you really should not let go of it or change its appearance.

The Lilja Brothers

Multi-pierced TE Hampus and WR/FS Alexander

Martin Andrä was sky high for the game!

Ingemar Olofsson gets his arm up
rushing the Carlshamn QB

Carlshamn was on offense first but OLB Rasmus Grip intercepted a pass and returned it 37 yards for a Canes TD. Pär Danielsson kicked the PAT, Hässleholm takes a quick lead 7-0.

CB Marcus Linderoth picks off another Oakleaves' pass.

QB Kalle Nordström, who forgot to bring his cleats to the game, hits WR Philip Jensen with a 23 yard TD pass, the PAT is not successful but the Canes are up 13-0.

Rasmus Grip intercepts his second pass of the game as he wrestles the ball away from the Oakleaves receiver.

Another Nordström to Jensen TD pass for Hässleholm, this one covers 8 yards. The PAT attempt is again unsuccessful, Canes up 19-0.

#1 Philip Jensen returning a Kickoff

Carlshamn's drive that started at the end of the first quarter ends with a 27 yard scoring pass, their two point PAT attempt is good, the Canes' lead is cut to 19-8.

The Canes turn the ball over on downs.

Carlshamn punts.

Nordström throws his third TD pass of the day covering 80 yards to Pär Danielsson. The PAT fails again, Hurricane lead increases to 25-8.

The Oakleaves punt.

The Hurricanes run the clock out at halftime leading 25-8.

Canes Cheerleaders going wild at halftime

#13 Pär Danielsson on the Belly Counter

Hässleholm turns the ball over on downs.

FS Alexander Lilja intercepts an Oakleaves pass, the fourth interception on the day for the Canes!

Tim Eriksson romps 27 yards for another Hurricane TD, the PAT is good. Hurricanes are in cruise control, up 32-8.

The Oakleaves punt.

Hässleholm punts as the third quarter comes to a close leading 32-8.

#21 Tim Eriksson's TD run

The Oakleaves punt.

The Canes turn the ball over on downs.

Henrik Andersson intercepts the Oakleaves QB's pass and returns it 8 yards.

Pär Danielsson has a fine cut back TD run from 15 yards out, he adds the PAT and now the Hurricanes lead 39-8.

Marcus Linderoth intercepts another pass and returns it 10 yards.

Hässleholm punts.

Linderoth intercepts his third pass of the game and the seventh interception by Hässleholm today, returning it a yard.

Linus Johnsson runs 6 yards for a TD, the PAT is no good. Hurricanes extend their lead to 45-8.

Carlshamn punts on what turns out to be the last play of the game.

Hässleholm 45 - Carlshamn 8

Fives for Everybody

Good team effort today as the defense played very well again and QB Kalle Nordström enjoyed, by far, his best game of the season.

Inspirational post-game words
from Jonas Grip


SAFF Division I Södra

Because of Oskarshamn's decision to forfeit their game to us last week, the Dockers have been thrown out of Division I Södra for the rest of the 2010 season. All of their first four game results no longer count in the standings.

Hässleholm 45 - Carlshamn 8
Ekeby 14 - Limhamn 14
Ystad 28 - Lugi 6
Kristianstad - BYE

Kristianstad C4 Lions 4-0
Ystad Rockets 4-1
Lugi Vikings 3-2
Limhamm Griffins 2-1-1
Hässleholm Hurricanes 2-3
Ekeby Greys 1-3-1
Carlshamn Oakleaves 0-6

Saturday, June 19
Ystad (4-1) at Ekeby (1-3-1)
Lugi (3-2) at Limhamn (2-1-1)

Sunday, June 20
Kristianstad (4-0) at Hässleholm (2-3)
Carlshamn (0-6) - BYE


A GREAT day for Catania as they finally beat Bergamo for the first time in franchise history! The Italian Super Bowl is in two weeks in neutral Milan as the Elephants face a rematch with the Parma Panthers.

I hope Catania coach Mel Galli enjoys his one day, unlimited mileage, use of the team's Ferrari as his reward for beating the Lions. It's in the contract Mel, read the fine print.

Catania 27 - Bergamo 14
Parma 21 - Bolzano 20

Saturday, June 26 in Milan
#1 seed Catania (8-1) vs. #2 seed Parma (8-1)
In Week #11 Catania beat Parma 51-30


David said...

I think your quarterback goes without cleats for the rest of the season.

Michael Contreras said...

Way to earn that Hammer, 'Canes. Nice helmet decal
Martin. Congrats Elephants. Happy you made it there safely Mother.