Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Electric Morning


The Hurricanes are ranked 18th this week but we have played the 7th toughest scedule so far according to this poll. Things don't get easier as we still have two games to play against current #1 Kristianstad.

Today started out simple enough, it was Laundry Day and I had a little more to wash than normal due to Mike and Vanessa's linens and towels. Between loads of laundry in the basement, I started to tidy up and vacuum because of Laurie's imminent arrival.

That's when the day got interesting.

Apparently, I overloaded the power strip, as I had the TV, DVD player (Sherlock Holmes) and vacuum cleaner all going at the same time.

Is it bad when when smokes billows out of an electrical socket in Sweden?

My intuition said "JA!" I pulled the plug out of the socket, quickly the smoke stopped and everything was back to normal.

Fortunately for me, Simon Viklund was picking me up to go to lunch and, based upon his expert inspection of the situation, it was decided that the old power strip had died a painful death. All that was needed was to go shopping for a new one.

Dashing Bon Vivant
Henning Hammarqvist

Johan and Henning came over in the afternoon for coffee and some kiwi fruit. It gave me a chance to return Johan's Road Atlas of Sweden that we used last Friday on our enjoyable drive through greater Skåne.

Dead Tree Sculpture

I decided to walk into a northern part of Hässleholm after Henning and Johan departed, an area that I had not previously explored when I ran into this tree.

Again, I really like this idea of turning a dead tree into a work of art rather than cutting it down completely.

A New Park

I stumbled upon this lush park near the Hospital and our own Göingevallen Stadium.

Then it was into the woods

Past the Hospital and our Stadium, I entered a wooded that we had driven past many times but that I had never explored on foot.

Until today.

Hässleholm's Water Tower

Johan Persson showed me the path to this impressive structure last night after practice. It sits on top of a large wooded hill and can only be seen from a few limited street level spots in town because of the surrounding trees.

Unless you walk up a steep hillside.


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