Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oskarshamn Game

Swedish American Football Saturday

We awoke to yet another "Beautiful Day to Play American Football!"

Mike was excited to see the Canes in action, I was looking forward to a good effort out of our team and Vanessa was looking forward to a day in the sun.

Mike was in a true Nordic football mood

Now, I have been involved as a player or coach with a grand total of 53 football seasons in America and Europe since 1958. I thought I had seen and experienced all that the game has to offer.

Until today . . .

Sweden's First Ever Suit Case
holds our Black Game Jerseys

I always thought the God Father's first name was Vito.

At 10:00 a.m., I received a call from JGFG telling me that Oskarshamn had just called him to declare that they were forfeitng due to a lack of players.

Now this is an extremely drastic step in Swedish football because it also means that the Dockers season is now finished. They get no second chance to get people healthy. They are also facing a Draconian fine of over 25,000 Krona if they want to rejoin the league next season!

For the Hurricanes, it means that we lose two games since we were scheduled to play at Oskarshamn on August 8th. Thus our ten game regular season is now reduced to only eight contests. There are three Division I teams in other Swedish conferences that have BYES the weekend of August 7-8, the Roslagen Bulldogs, the Västerås Roedeers and the Westerbotten Huskies. We are hoping to schedule a non-league game with one of them to get the kinks out in our first game after the seven week Summer break.

Breaking the bad news to the Canes

It still was a beautiful day and the team was all here, so we decided to get some work accomplished. The first order of business was to take a team photo.

The 2010 Hässleholm Hurricanes

After the team picture, we worked on our Kicking Game which we sorely needed.

Linus Nilsson toasting Henrik Andersson

Hampus Liljenberg beating Linus Linden's tight coverage

After these unusual warm up drills, we decided to have some fun as we had two Captains, starting offensive tackles Linus Nilsson and Christian Olofsson pick teams for a scrimmage that would allow our players to play completely out of position and thus get a better feel for the demands of the game.

Linus' black team was the Hurricanes while Christian's white team opted for Hazzlenuts as a nickname.

Christian Olofsson, now a TE, catches a pass

Frank Hilgers, #66 in black
being tackled on his interception return

Kalle Nordström was dancing with glee over Frank's romp.

Kalle would hit Martin Andrä with a 19 yard TD pass but Linus Nilsson was stopped just short on the two point conversion attempt Hurricanes 6 - Hazzlenuts 0.

The black team's Henrik Engström recoverd a Hazzlenut fumble but his brother Philip Engström quickly recoverd one for the white team.

Balthazar Gyllström recoverd another black team fumble leading to the play of the game.

Hazzlenuts on the move

Mike extending his officiating career in a new continent

Offensive guard, Lucas Grip, took over at QB for the white team, rolled to the left and fired a perfect TD pass on his only pass attempt of the day.

Unfortunately it was to Kalle Nordström, the black team's CB who returned it exactly 100 yards for a black team TD. New black team QB, Filip Sundgren, normally a LB, hit Kalle with a pass for the two point PAT.

Kalle was easily the MVP of the game as his black team won 14-0.

Post Game After Glow

IFK Hässleholm vs. WMA IK

We decided to go to the local 4:00 p.m. soccer game and watch the local Division II squad play.

We needed all of these
alternate game plans today

Hässleholm in Yellow and Black

At the half it was Hässleholm 2 - WMA 1

We were baked by the sun so we left at the half.

Now it was off to Bjärnumto the home of DE Simon Viklund and his girlfriend Jessica for a BBQ for some bonding.

Since Simon is Jonas God Father Grip's boss in the real world, does that also make him the head of a syndicate "Family"?

Martin Andrä talking with Linus Nilsson

Martin is a strong candidate for SAFF's Division I Rookie of the Year Award sponsored by "My Little Pony."

Martin's strong play has even led to a street in Hässleholm being re-named in his honor

Martin even drinks milk at team BBQs!!!


The pegs at either end of the pitch are called "peasants" while the "King" sits alone in the middle in this traditional Swedish game of Kubb.

Teams stand at each end of the field and underhand toss big sticks at the "peasants." Basically, once all of the other team's "peasants" are knocked out, you can finally attack the "King."

It is a little more complicted than this but it is a great BBQ party game with an element of danger as wooden pegs are flying all around you.

Mike, Martin Andrä and Marcus Lundqvist belting out "Carrie"

Martin was still upright as the party's momentum moved indoors to compete in a Play Station Karaoke game.

This is a huge favorite song of most Cubans.

I subbed for Mike on "Walking in Memphis"

JGFG Bringing Down the House

Next year's winner of the
"Swedish Idol" TV show

Let's talk about the Belly Series

"If life gives you lemons, make some lemonade." That pretty much sums up what today was all about.

The Canes are really a whole lot of fun to be around!!!


David said...

The SAFF just called — after seeing that video clip, they're going to fine the Hurricanes 25,000 krona if that "singer" ever touches a microphone again.

Anonymous said...

I agree wit Saff on the fine.
A little correction though.
Simon is not JGFG:s boss at work or enywhere else either.
That rumour could end up whit a horse head in Simons bed.
Regards Don ?