Saturday, June 19, 2010

Swedish Royal Wedding Day

Ever since I arrived in Sweden almost four months ago, stores all over Skåne have been celebrating the upcoming Royal wedding.

Typical Royal Wedding Display Window

I have seen all sorts of Official Wedding items from napkins to apple cider to wine to china and silverware. Most of it is very nice.

After all of the anticipation, today, 19 June, 2010 was finally THE day! If you couldn't get to Stockholm, you were glued to the TV set most of the day.

Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling

The wedding took place in Stockholm's Storkyrkan Catherdral, the same place where Crown Princess Victoria's parents were married.

King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia were married on 19 June, 1976, so today was also thier 34th wedding aniversary.

"I DO"

By uttering these two simple words, O.K., maybe more in Swedish, Daniel Westling was instantly transformed into Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland.

A Horse Drawn Carriage Ride is a Must!

In 2002, Crown Princess Victoria joined a gym owned by Daniel. They fell in love doing Power Cleans and she eventually accepted his proposal of marriage.

At first, King Carl XVI Gustaf was not crazy about his daughter marrying her personal trainer but once Daniel gave the King a three year free membership to the gym, all was good again.

Cruising Stockholm's Waterways
in the Royal Barge "Vasaorden"

Laurie loved her dress

The King and Queen are behind Prince Daniel

Nice of the King to wear his college graduation sailor cap today.

The Royal Wedding cost an estimated $2,500,000.00 USD, staggering!

Most of this came at tax payer expense but it is felt that the tourism revenue raised by this event will offset much of the costs.

Perhaps . . .

Meanwhile, back in Bjärnum

We went on the bus to Bjärnum to see their Folk Museum, couldn't find it and then it started to rain and hale, another perfect Swedish Summer day!

Laurie's maiden name was Gardner, so this was close enough to take a picture.


Jonas "God Father" Grip lives and works in Bjärnum, so we hooked up with him to take a tour of his Älvsbyhus workplace and have one of his hearty home made lunches.

Älvsbyhus Nail Gun

His company makes pre-fabricated modular homes at very affordable prices. It was very interesting to see how they assemble the homes. Their 55 workers can make about three quality homes per day.

If you ordered a home today, you would have the finished product ready for you to move in in about a month!

Matilda and Jasmine

We had a delicious dinner at Christian Boesgaard's. In the spirit of the day we gave the girls their own tiaras and watched Disney's "Princess and the Frog" while having dessert.

Good Times Indeed!

Public Service Announcement
Smoking is very bad for you.

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David said...

As far as recouping the cost of the Royal wedding, I can sum up their best hope in two words:

Laurie. Shopping.

Best of luck.