Thursday, June 10, 2010

Peppe and Valeria, 100 Days


Peppe Strano and Valeria Guglielmino
at the Rose Bowl for the
2008 Season Opener, Tennessee at UCLA

Peppe, a TE for the Catania Elephants, and Valeria were two of our favorite people we met in our two years coaching in Catania. In the Fall of 2008, they came out for a West Coast tour of the United States and spent a couple of nights at our home in Camarillo.

Italian Pre-Game Meal at the D'Antuono's

We joined Mike and Susan D'Antuono for a pre-game meal at their home in Altadena before we all cruised down to the Rose Bowl together for the overtime thriller that UCLA won 27-24.

Friday, in THE BIG EVENT of the 2010 Sicilian Social Calendar, this fun couple is getting married! Our committments to the Hurricanes won't allow us to attend the ceremony but we wish them the very best, they deserve it!!!

The Camarillo Outlet Mall

By the time they left us their entire rental car was packed solid with their purchases from two exhausting days of shopping at our local Outlet Mall. What can we possibly get them for a wedding present that they didn't already buy in those two days?

100 DAYS

I left California exactly 100 days ago today. I have met so many wonderful people here in Sweden and have seen so many amazing castles, cities and natural wonders in Denmark, Norway and Sweden that I just have to shake my head and realize how lucky I am to be a Hurricane! That being said,


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We all love having you here too coach. /Big Linus