Monday, June 21, 2010

Jojo Summer Card Madness


We need a lot more of this level of effort. Click on the links below to read articles on yesteday's games.


Yesterday's game results have really had me evaluating everything we have done and tried to accomplish in the last four months. I just wish we didn't have to wait eight weeks for another game, we need to be able to move on.

The Sun didn't set last night in Hässleholm until about 9:53 p.m. and rose again at 3:17 a.m. according to the local weather website. Since I was still quite unsettled by the C4 game, I found myself wide awake because of the sunlight at 4:30 a.m.

It was then that it struck me, we needed a Road Trip!

Armed with our Jojo Summer Cards, good for unlimited rides on all Skåne trains and busses from June 15 to August 15 for only 485 Krone ($63.50/person), we set off to explore Northwest Skåne.

Helsingborg's Rådhuset

We caught the 7:22 a.m. train for the one hour ride to Helsingborg and . . .


Mark Johnson, this one's for you!

Always on the lookout for new furniture

After buying two etched Sherry glasses that were made in 1880 from a quaint antique store, we boarded a bus to go to the Sofiero Slot about ten minutes north of town.

The Sofiero Slot

The advertised 10,000 rhododendrons were no longer in bloom so we made a quick exit and took another bus back to Helsingborg.

It was at this point that we took the advice of one of the blog's followers to visit his ancestral home, Höganäs, Sweden.

Pontus Bondeson
"The Pride of Höganäs"

Pontus is a 6'6"-275 lbs. offensive lineman who just graduated from Duke University. He is currently playing in Finland for the Seinäjoki Crocodiles.

A few months ago he contacted me about visiting his home town. Unfortunately, he was on his way back to Finland today so we were not able to meet face-to-face but did talk on the phone before we boarded another bus to Höganäs.

Höganäs' Himmelsfärdskyrkan

The Himmelsfärdskyrkan Altar

After touring this charming city on the Öresund, we took another piece of advive from Pontus and took another bus, the #222, to Mölle.

The 20 minute bus ride between Hörganäs and Mölle is about as scenic as it gets and I highly recommend it to you if you are ever in this part of the world.


Anchors Aweigh on the Mölle coast

GREAT Road Trip so far and it was only 2:00 p.m., time to take the bus back to Helsingborg to take the ferry across the Öresund to Helsingør, Denmark where they are having a . . .


Kronborg Castle
"Hamlet's Castle"

We stopped by the Castle to get information about this Summer's presentation of the Shakespeare play "Hamlet" in the Castle's courtyard.

It will take place from August 17-22 and be performed in German by actors from Berlin.

Oh boy . . .

Interesting Castle Door

Fire Away!

Is this house listing to the left?

At about 5:00 p.m., it was back on the ferry and then onto the train to Hässleholm.

A GREAT Road Trip . . . INDEED!!!

I only thought about the Hurricanes about 50% of the time.


David said...

I sort of figured that wasn't the ideal game to go into an eight-week break.

Anyway, as requested, here is the first story:

Hurricanes was not enough in derby
By Peter Paulsson June 20 21:50

AMERICAN FOOTBALL. C4 Lions drove over Hässleholm Huricanes on Goinge Vallen. It was a class-distinction and the guests won the derby with all 49-6.
- We met a very, very good team today, "says Hurricanes coach George Contreras.

C4 from Kristianstad led by 14-0 after first quarter in and went up to 28-0 in the second before the home team could break the zero thanks 1:15 yard TD pass from Donald Nordstrom to Hampus Lilja.
In the second half ran guests from additional points in the protocol and it was - as figures show - no question about it.
Was there anything you could have done differently?
- No, not today, we met just a good team. Sure, we could control the ball a little better and they exploited our mistakes, but they were too good, "said George Contreras.
Hurricanes coach was impressed with the C4 and praised above all the guests Kostas Koyfis.
- He is easily the best non-American running back I've seen, "says Contreras.
The home team replied Par & Par, the team's two running backs and Pär Jonsson Pär Danielsson, for strong action. Contreras also praised wide receiver Alexander Lilja.
Now wait a eight (!) Weeks long break for the Hurricanes before-game series kicks off again in mid-August.
- We will take leave now, then we meet in July and start charging for the next match, "says Contreras.

David said...

And here's the second story. I particularly like the line that your season "has so far been in a minor key."

Lions won the derby

Text: Filip Lundstedt
Updated June 21, 2010 8:02 Published June 21, 2010 7:59
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Derby v Hässleholm Hurricanes became a mere mouthful of C4 Lions. Kristianstad The team took its fifth straight victory after crushing 49-6 on Goinge Vallen.

Five matches and an equal number of victories. C4 Lions have certainly got a taste start to the season in the "new" Division I-series.

- Before this weekend, we were ranked as the best Division I team in the country. We have an experienced squad, where everybody knows their roles, "said C4-coach Bill Patrick.

- The only odious point so far was well Ekeby match where we were losing, but managed to reverse the end, "adds Bill.

But in the derby against Hässleholm he need never worry. Visiting C4 quickly took command by taking the lead to 21-0. The home team might be in that position reduced to 6-21 after a successful attack which Hampus Lilja arranged the score.

But more than that never allowed the Lions a solid defense. C4 and running back Alexis Koyfis the lead, went on scoring points in the second half. And, finally finishing the whole Lions 49-6 to C4.

- We are playing really good football and we were of course additional tagged in this kind of derby match.

- Then it shows clearly that Hässleholm are newcomers in this series. The danger is that we sink to their level, but we did not today, praises Bill Patrick.

As, however, is more concerned about the fact that it will be without points machine Koyfis Alexis in the remainder of the season. Koyfis, who made 102 points in four and a half game, go to Greece to do his military service and will be gone the year.

- It was therefore timely to break now. It gives us time to find alternatives and substitutes. But players of his caliber do not grow on trees so there is no easy task.

For newcomers Hässleholm Hurricanes team and new coach George Contreras season has mostly been in a minor key. Hurricanes have started with two wins and four losses. And the loss against C4 was unprecedented.

- We are a young and inexperienced team. We had to make a flawless game against C4 to rough on them. But now we did not a good match and so it went as it went. We glimmers of piecemeal but is too uneven and C4 is just too good, "says Contreras. In spite of great loss felt that the team's running backs Pär Danielsson Pär Jönsson and could sign for high scores.

Derby was Hässleholm Hurricanes final game before the break, which is timely for the Hurricanes injury-filled squad.

- The key thing to ensure that we have as complete a squad as possible after the break, rounding Hässleholm coach.