Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Camp Day II

William Cordeiro

I failed to mention that last night after dinner at Darth's house, William asked me to come outside to throw him some pitches so that he could practice his sweet left handed swing.

After lashing out a few solid singles, I decided to throw him my unhittable Wiffle Ball knuckleball. No one has ever been able to even begin to make contact with my ace pitch.

I was shocked when William rocked me with not one but two frozen ropes down the right field line! I'm getting old.


As a result of our 45-8 win last Sunday, we dropped one spot to #19 in this week's rankings.

Dahne models his uniform for the
morning Orange Team 10 year olds

Its Swedish Summer

Today we had to deal with rain, thunder, lightning and even some pea sized hail stones! That meant moving the kids into the locker rooms at Göingevallen to escape the bizarre weather.

Julia looks pleasant enough . . .

Until she started hitting me with vicious forearm rips!

Joakim Braman
Afternoon Light Blue Team STUD

Joakim may be the next great Hurricanes lineman. The way he hit the bags today, I believe it!!!

Sixten models American football gear
for the Blue Team of 10 year olds

I have to wonder if he was born on 6 October, i.e., 6/10?

Although the weather wreaked havoc with both sessions of the camp today, we did get another 14 kids to sign up to be possible Hurricane Pee Wees in 2011. That gives us 28 signed Letters of Intent so far this week in just four sessions!

Weird Weather Day Continued

By 5:30 p.m. when the Juniors started their practice, we had beautiful blue skies???

Who are those guys?

Near the end of the Senior practice, two unknown men showed up on the field. Here, the God Father talks with one of them.

Our two visitors were here
to get urine samples

It turns out that the Swedish governing board of athletics has a random drug testing program. Their field workers are called the "Buff Police" by the players.

After practice they picked five of our players to test.

Oscar Lindqvist, COME ON DOWN!!!

Can you guess which player is having trouble giving a sample?

It took 90 minutes, but finally each player was able to come up with the 90cc's needed to make their test official. A perfect ending to a very long day.

2009 Milan Rhinos LB

I wonder how he would have done on today's testing?

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David said...

You dropped with a win? I didn't know the BCS handled the SAFF rankings.