Saturday, June 12, 2010

Laurie Invades Scandanavia


Mr. and Mrs. Peppe Strano
photo by Jason Johnson

Be sure to click on Jason Johnson's blog to the left of this post to get a taste of the real life Sicilian wedding of Peppe and Valeria on Friday.

GREAT JOB as always by JTwice!!!

Meanwhile, back in Skåne . . .

Graduates continue to revel!

At about 8:30 a.m., this group of whistle blowing hooligans strolled past my window excited as could be about their graduation. Note the traditional white sea captain's hats that are all the rage for seniors at this happy time in their lives.

As for me, it was time to take the 90 minute train to Copenhagen once again but this time with a serious goal in mind, meeting Laurie at Kastrup Airport for the start of her Scandanavian Summer.

But first . . .

Denmark's National Museum

This museum, which is free to the public, starts with the Stone Age and continues through everything Danish until modern times. It is quite extensive and very informative with its excellent English descriptions.

The Bronze Age "Chariot of the Sun"

To Scandanavians in general this mysterious Sun thing has been a source of great religious significance and wonder that to this day still includes the wild Mid-Summer Festival coming up on June 25th.

What says Scandanavia more
than a good Viking Helmet

Lur Horns

The Lur is a curvy, trombone-like horn that was used to call warriors to battle or to religious processions.

Just a cool recreation of
an ancient Viking symbol

The Gundestrup Cauldron

It was found in a peat bog in 1891, is believed to have been a sacrifice to the gods and was probably war booty from some far off land.

The Claw

No, not the infamous "German Claw" used many a time to subdue my sons during wrestling matches as they were growing up. This is the hind limb of the dragon that St. George is slaying in this wooden carving.

"Be careful with that thing Ralphie,
you'll poke your eye out!"

I've got to get a good drinking horn

At one point I thought I was in Mexico
shopping with Laurie and Koreen

How did they do this over 1,000 years ago?

19th Century Danish men
certainly knew their hats!

Once I finished seeing this fantastic museum, it was time to get us registered at our floating Hotel CPH Living before Laurie's plane landed.

The white Hotel CPH Living on the right

We were assigned room #6, the one in the lower right corner in this picture.

The view from our room

Cool lights in the Hotel's lobby

Now that the room was secured, it was on to the airport.

Old country icons die hard it seems

Laurie's plane from London landed
one minute early!


My God, she IS travelling light!!!

A quick train ride into Copenhagen plus a wee stretch of the legs to the hotel and we were ready to do some sight seeing.

Hans Christian Andersen, Laurie
and Tivoli Gardens

The winner of today's
Copenhagen Pancake (Crepe) Cookoff

Laurie opted for a pastrami pancake and I went with the basic ham and cheese. Either one was worthy of the blue ribbon.

Laurie and her cherries

We bought a ceramic replica of these
exact three Nyhavn Canal buildings

Nordic Laurie

On the Nyhavn

Tired from her flying half way around the world, we decided to call it a night . . .
but only after a dessert Belgian waffle.


We decided to walk along the harbor on our way to the 40 year old hippie commune of Christiania.

For Sale, CHEAP!

Bad Man Street?

Welcome back to the '60s

What the . . .

Laurie in Wonderland

After our short stay in Christiania, we stumbled upon small flea market full of Danish treasures like . . .

This brass blow torch

We bought a few trinkets, no, not the blow torch and then it was off to view . . .

Christiansborg Palace's
Royal Reception Rooms

Guard Duty can be rough at these Danish Palaces.

Blue Booties

A must in the still active Royal Palace, peasants can be so dirty at times.

The Hall of Giants

Holding up a Palace on your back can be so stressful after a few years.

Modern tapestries depicting 1,000 years of Danish history

Danish Architecture is so pleasing to the eye

Laurie outside of Tivoli Gardens

We bought tickets to one of my favorite Jazz singers, Diana Krall's July 6th concert at Tivoli Gardens.

Lunch at Copenhagen's Hard Rock Café

Some of the customers were of great interest to say the least.

It was now time to board the train to whisk Laurie off to wonders of Hässleholm.

Game Day on tomorrow at the home of the 0-5 Carlshamn Oakleaves, wish us luck!


David said...

The horned hat is a good look for Laurie. Glad she arrived safely.

Laurie said...

Thanks, David. I really do fit in here.
Although everyone speaks English there, people kept speaking to me in Danish.