Thursday, April 1, 2010

Holy Thursday

After yesterday's long day in Malmö, I decided to take it easy today. I walked up to the Maxi store, a little over a mile away from Icelandia I would guess. The purpose was basically to buy Easter goodies to fill the eggs for the Boesgaard and Palmbrink children who have been such a delight to me this past month.

The wind was blowing hard when I came out of the Maxi, so I opted for a bus ride home courtesy of my Jojo Card. What a great investment!

The Palmbrink's Easter Basket

Uffe came by to pick me up for practice and surprised me with this very nice present. The picture of the kids was the best part of all!


At practice tonight, 29 players dressed out which was good. We tried to pick up the pace, tempo and intensity tonight as we scrimmage a team in Denmark just a week from this Sunday. We have scheduled a three hour practice for Saturday. The season is FAST approaching!

Offensive Guard Johan Andersson

He came to practice tonight sporting this brand new, Vanessa Contreras approved, tattoo!

Speed Personified

Jonas Grip moves so fast that the camera can not even begin to capture his movements!

He may have invisible wings all over his body.

Martin Rosen

APRIL FOOLS! I only wish that Sweden had this tradition on April 1st but they don't.

Martin is a very talented young man who we were counting on at Running Back and Strong Safety.

Last weekend he was invited to go up to Stockholm to tryout for the Swedish National Junior Team. He promptly broke his leg running, no contact, just running! We hope to get him back for the games in August.

We have to reshuffle the depth chart but we will survive.

Drink lots of milk Martin!

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