Friday, April 2, 2010

The Circumnavigation of Lake Finjasjön

Good Friday started off with a phone call from Mats Heningsson, our center Johan's Dad. He wanted to take me on a combination car ride/walk circumnavigation of nearby Lake Finjasjön.


An Ancient Moat

Our first stop was the Mölleröds Kungsgård, a castle ruins and royal estate. Built in the 17th Century, it was burned down in 1678 due to the usual Danish-Swedish control of the Skåne region issue.

The Mölleröds Kungsgård Ruins

The arsonists did a fine job indeed!

My guide, Mats Heningsson

From the ruins, we walked out to a wetlands area along the northern tip of the lake. Unfortunately, the lake water is very high due to the heavy snows this winter and the slight flooding cut us off from reaching our objective so it was time to move on to Mats' ancestral home town, Tyringe which is also the town that claims sportwriter Tomas Gustavsson as one of it's favorite sons.

Tyringe's All-Purpose Sports Facility

In 1970, Tyringe was incorporated into being part of the Kommun of Hässleholm. The townsfolk knew that when this happened, the Kommun would take over Tyringe's finances and probably would not be the Kommun's top spending priority in years to come.

With this in mind, before the incorporation became official, Tyringe decided to spend every last cent in the town's treasury on projects for Tyringe thus joining the new Kommun with basically zero funds to their credit.

Among the things they built were a very nice community Fotboll stadium and the Tyrs Hov. The Tyrs Hov houses an indoor swimming pool, weight room, a gym for basketball and team handball, bowling alleys and a 3,000 seat ice hockey arena.

Not a bad facility for a town of only 5,000 people!

We're moving, we're moving . . .

Skyrups Golfklubb

Located on Lake Finjasjön's western shore, this was an interesting course. Mats thought that they had gone bankrupt about a year ago and were still closed until we found a couple golfers making their way around the course and noted the clear markings of "Winter greens".

We checked back at the clubhouse to find it closed except for a small entryway that did have a Winter honor system of play in place.

You simply signed your name on a numbered sheet, placed your 100 Krona ($14) in an envelope with your assigned number hand written on it, placed it in a marked slot, took a bag tag with your assigned number and tied it to your bag. That's it, go tee it up and have some fun!

Sweden is a trusting country indeed!

Lake Finjasjön

The Hovdala Trädhus

The view of Lake Finjasjön was taken from this spot in front of the "Tree House". It is used for conferences in an unusual and inspirational setting.

Mats hard at work translating Swedish.

Near the Hovdala Trädhus, our next stop was some prehistoric ruins.

The Small Circle of Judgement

Archaeologists believe that this small circle was used as a place where people who were accused of breaking societal standards were tried by clan elders.

How do they know these things?

The Large Circle of Judgement

About 20 meters away from the Small Circle, it is believed to have served the same purpose.

Was the Small Circle used for misdemeanors and the Large Circle for felonies? Just wondering?

We had a great time exploring, chatting and learning more about the history and lore of the Hässleholm Kommun.

Tack så mycket, Mats!

Two More Signs of Spring

Buds on all the trees ready to burst!


On Tuesday night after pracctice, I got a ride to Icelandia from Jonas Grip who commented that it was about time, now that the snow was gone, to get his motorcycle out of storage and up and running again.

As he said this, I realized that I had not seen a motorcycle, even once, since I arrived in Skåne. Sure enough, on Wednesday I saw a couple, Thusday a few more and by Friday I thought film crews were in Hässleholm for a re-make of Marlon Brando's 1953 classic "The Wild One".

Good Friday Dinner

Helena and Jonas Grip invited me to their home to share dinner with their childrem Molly and Alphonse and the Palmbrink clan.

Molly made these decorations herself

They are all now part of Icelandia's growing Swedish art collection!

Elin and the five kids in a calm moment

Time for dinner and Ludvig was not shy!

Good Friday Buffet

Swedish Meatballs Rule!

Note the "Johnsson's Temptation", the dish at the lower left, a potato dish that was indeed tempting.

A new taste treat for me was the Sill. It is in the six little jars in the back. Sill is herring in various sauces. I tried the Sill in the french onion, garlic and archipelago sauces, YUM!!!

Afterward, it was time for dessert, coffee and an adult beverage or two as we sat and discussed our solutions to the world's problems. Good times indeed!

I am so lucky to have these new friends that speak fluent English so as to make my life easier!

Tack så mycket, Grip Family!


DPLassen said...

This is probably a good time to note the Lassens are Danish — just so you know where my sympathies lie in those historical Danish-Swedish battles.

Oh, and do they really call them Swedish meatballs there? Or just meatballs?

George said...

That explains a lot! Not to worry, there is still a large Danish feel to Skåne.

They are just called köttsbullar here officially, i.e., meatballs.