Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tomas Gustavsson has written another nice article on the Hurricanes in our local newspaper, NorreSkåne. This one has to do with the equipment that was donated to the Hurricanes by coaching friends back in Ventura County, click below.

Another spirited practice tonight but we were forced into half line drills as we only had about 20 players in uniform.

Our season opener vs. the Limhamn Griffins is only 16 days away!



The naming of the "Ian Murphy Tattoo of the Day Award" was challenged today by the Ben Todd Foundation. Representatives from the Foundation believed that Ian's name should be taken off in favor of the equally tattooed Ben Todd.

On moral principles I said this was just not possible! They then offered to donate 500,000 Swedish Krona to the Hurricanes if we would just consider a change.

The Ian Murphy/Ben Todd
Tattoo of the Day Award

Center Johan Persson's right shoulder

Lisbeth Salander perhaps?

This is the last weekend that I will have free for the next two months, so I have opted for a four day jaunt by rail and bus to Oslo, Norway.

Let the Adventure continue!!!

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