Friday, April 2, 2010

Spartan Relays Weekend

Saturday is the day of the Spartan Relays back in beautiful El Rio, California where Rio Mesa H.S. is located.

Brian FitzGerald and Rick Torres, both Spartan alumni, are the two longtime coaches of the track program at R.M.H.S. with dozens of of league crowns, a few C.I.F. titles and even a California State Championship to their credit.

Thanks to the controversial Up Sweep Pass,
the Spartans have a truly
great relay team tradition

From left to right: Blake Selig, LaDarrin Roach and Jamison Jordan.

Click here to view of thier triumph in the 4 x 100 meters relay last Saturday at the Mount Carmel Invitational near San Diego, the Spartans are in Lane 5:

From the picture above, it looks like they need a fourth runner to complete the relay team. May I re-submit two possible Swedish options.

The Malmö Guy

He may look a bit stiff but he can flat fly!

Jonas "The Godfather" Grip

His get-off form is right their with the other three in the picture!

I hope all goes well at Spartan Relays, have a chile relleno for me at El Tecolote afterwards.

Hey, Brian, is that rain I hear outside the window?

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