Monday, April 5, 2010

Lund University

Updates from today's Allsvenskan Fotboll action:
Gefle 3 - Mjällby 1
HIF (Helsingborg) 0 - Trelleborg 0

Mjällby is now 2-1-1, still good for 7 team points in the league table, while HIF remains in first place at 3-1-0 worth 10 team points.

Jojo Card update: Today's adventure took me on two roundtrip train rides to nearby Tyringe and 35 minutes south to the city of Lund. The tickets would have cost 224 Krona so to date I have recouped 560 of the 1060 Krona the card cost me, not counting the four bus trips I have taken with it.

I decided to keep up with the art show theme from yesterday so I took the train to Tyringe.

Idyllic Tyringe

Alf Lundström

Alf has this studio on the ground floor of his two story flat in Tyringe. He art is heavily influenced by American culture.

He told me how he learned to speak English by watching movies, I then told him how I learned English watching TV.

Nice fellow, I think Laurie may want to purchase one of his smaller works when she is here.

Since Tyringe is quite small and was mostly closed down for the Easter Monday Holiday, so I decided to take another train down to the college town of Lund.

I still love Heraldry

Across from the Lund Train Station

Lund has a population of 110,000 people, large for a city in Sweden.

Allhelgonaförsamling Church

Try saying that fast five times!

Gargoyles are a favorite as well

Isn't that the Winged Lion of Venice?

The rear of Allhelgonaförsamling

The church was closed for the day so I moved up the street a few blocks and saw a Thai restaurant that looked good and I was a bit hungry.

Obvious decor for a Thai restaurant

Just around the corner from the Thai place was . . .

46,000 Students!!!

Lund University was founded in 1666 and offers nearly 500 courses taught solely in English.

The campus has some great architecture and given today's weather, it had a real University of Washington, my alma mater, feel to it.

Lund University Architecture

I have no clue what classes these next eight buildings house but they are quite breathtaking, don't you think?


Entry Arch

Interesting Ceiling Art

Ivy Covered Walls

Castle on Campus

Different but Impressive

Standing Watch over the Campus

Another Castle?

After seeing all of these great buildings that were closed for the day, I saw people going in and out of this next building.

The Museum of Sketches

This rather ugly building houses Lund University's Art Museum???

Thank goodness that the art on display WAS of interest.

The Swedish Hall

Right after the Swedish hall, it was on to the Mexican Hall.

The Four Elements by Francisco Eppens

Fire is at the top, the hands represent the earth, the blue spaces the air and the two snakes in the lower part are the water.

In 1957 this art was reproduced as a huge mosaic on the Medical Building of the City University in Mexico City.

The New Deal by Diego Rivera

This is a copy of a fresco that Rivera did in 1933 for the New Workers School in New York City.

How strong is this guy?

A Spanish artist exploring a whole new subject matter

Helsingborg HIF fan training?

Ode to the Molotov Cocktail?

Lund Statuary

Careful with the hand gestures, I think that's the rabbit from "Monty Python's Holy Grail"!!!

No Guns on Campus Please
"Has Visto Una Pistola?"

A stringless lute?

Just a Guy

One head, two bodies???

Carl Linnæus

A Swedish scientist known as "The Father of Taxonomy" for the system for naming, ranking and classifying organisms that is still in use today.

Prisoner of the Rock

Nature is a form of art in Lund as well

The Lund Cathedral
Consecrated in 1145 to honor St. Lawrence
Church of Sweden

Now my top ranked church in all of Skåne!

Cavernous Quire Area

A Cathedral clock without hands?

The Cathedral's Atomic Clock

The Colorful University District

Time for Coffee and Cookies

I like old brick buildings

More of the University District

Apartments I believe

Has anybody seen my bike?

Book Review

Millenium Series, Book Two

Over the weekend I finally finished this book by Swedish author Stieg Larson.

I again thank Mike and Sue D'Antuono for putting me on to this great series of mystery novels. As I said in an earlier post, put this series on your Summer reading list, you will not be disappointed I promise!

Now it is on to the last book of the trilogy, "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest".


Lund student said...

I stumbled upon your blogg about 30 minutes ago and surprise surpise, you had "just" posted some pictures of my school. And I felt that I had to tell you, it is a great place to study. The school is well funded and the libraries on campus are amazing. The town is amazing and the people friendly. I hope you are enjoying Skåne to its fullest. If you have the time this summer, aside from football, you should really take a trip down to Österlen (south-eastern skåne) and just take a stroll out on the countryside, it is amazing out there. Of course it was no coincidence that I found your blogg, I wanted to check out the new Head coach for the Hurricanes since we have you in week 1.

George said...

Lund student, your English is so good that I take it you are either an American exchange student or a Swede getting his Master's in English.

Where are you from and what position do you play?

I loved the look of L.U. and want to go back on a day when school is in session.

See you Week 1.

Lund Student said...

Haha, well I am a swede (born and raised) that much is true. I actually started my English studies just a few months ago so I'm not that advanced yet, but I'm sure you have noticed that all us swedes are fairly good at english. I play OL, for the Griffins, but I guess you know that by now. Looking forward to meeting you in person.