Saturday, April 17, 2010

Up and Down Saturday

We play our first game of the 2010 Swedish Division I League Series three weeks from today with a home game at 1:00 p.m. against the Limhamn Griffins.

Saturday's scheduled featured a three hour 'Canes practice starting at noon on an outdoor field. I had prepared what I thought was a smoothly moving, well organized practice given our coaching situation.

I got a text early in the morning from our QB, Kalle Nordström, who lives in Helsingborg about an hour by train west of Hässleholm, asking if it was raining here too. It wasn't but it was threatening to put a damper on our practice schedule.

I then prepared a second plan in case it was indeed raining when we started practicing.

When noon finally arrived it was very raw and overcast but no rain was falling.

I would now, it seemed, need to draw up a third practice plan. Of the 39 players on the Senior team roster only 13 dressed out today.

On offense we numbered 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE and 3 Linemen.

The defense countered with 2 CBs, 1 SS and 1 LB.

I sent the linemen home after an hour and we worked hard on our passing game for a total of two hours in "half line" 3 vs. 3 situations.

The 13 players suited put in a very good day's work but, my goodness, 26 players were not suited and/or absent and we have only six more practices before the Limhamn game!

It was very disappointing.

There was some good news in the afternoon.

My new chair

Mats Heningsson came by with this nice new piece of furniture for Icelandia but that was not all . . .

He came bearing a nightstand too!

Mats then drove me to the town of Hörby to have dinner at the new bowling alley/restaurant where his son Johan Persson works.

Mariana and Johan Persson

On the way to Hörby, we stopped to pick up Mariana. I've only met her very briefly on one other occasion, so this dinner gave me time to get to know her.

It turns out that she is a delightful young lady!

Bowling by Blue Light

The pins do glow and this lady had a unique bowling tecnique to say the least.

Frida Ahsberg and Mia Fridh

They were our servers at the Hörby Bowl. Both are fun loving and speak great English. They make you want to come back to Hörby again.

We were supposed to bowl after the great salmon dinner but we were all so full that we decided to pass on the opportunity to improve our cardio-vascular systems.

Next week has got to be a better practice week, doesn't it?


Joe Zaccheo said...

Ahh, the hi's and low's of coaching. Thank God for all our tomorrow's.

Michael Contreras said...

Remember the six P's.