Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Scrimmage in Denmark

A 5:30 a.m. wake-up alarm started my long day with the Hurricanes. The team bus left our home stadium at 7:00 a.m. for a 100 mile drive-ferry-drive three hour road trip.

We were headed to Frederikssund, Denmark about 25 miles northwest of Copenhagen. The purpose of our trek was simple, a football scrimmage against the Frederikssund Oaks.

A good scrimmage can be a great learning experience and today promised to be no exception.

Jonas Grip

The Hurricanes emotional leader, taking command of the bus as we pull out of Hässleholm.

My God, if a moose hits us,
we could really be late

The Helsingborg to Helsingør Ferry

Relaxing on board the ferry

RB Pär Jönsson, a.k.a. "Big Pär", would score a rushing TD today, DE Ingemar Olofsson would recover a fumble and QB Kalle Nordstrom did a great job leading the team with great composure.

Are we there yet?

Well almost, we just have to find the field.

Unloading at Åbjergskolen

A nice elementary school complex, we were ready to roll!

Now here are two happy looking fellows

That's Ryan Andersen on the left, the Head Coach of the home team Frederikssund Oaks. He's a nice guy and was a good host who is in his ninth season of coaching American football in Europe.

Everybody find your jersey!

While the team got dressed, I took some time to check out the facilities at Åbjergskolen.

How old is the backboard?

They could move the Arcadia Invitational Track Meet here in a heartbeat!

The Frederikssund Linemen

Some BIG Danes

I had to try dunking just once on the way back to the locker room.

Am I at Hueneme H.S.?

No, I checked and there was no Ronney Jenkins banner hanging in the Åbjergskolen gym.

Practicing your figures

Among the dozens of lines on the gym floor are a series circles and loops like this one to practice your compulsory figures on roller skates.

#88 LB Rasmus Grip praying to Odin

These crazy Vikings, but what the hell if it works, I'm all for it!!!

Odin must have listened as Rasmus recovered a fumble later in the day.

It looks like the visiting stands are packed.

OG Lucas Grip wearing
Frankenstein's jersey

Yes, we DO have three Grip brothers on the team.

The Hurricanes take the field

Defense Dominating

We have looked good on defense every day we have practiced but how good are we compared to another team? Pretty good today I would say.

Suffocating Pass Rush

We recorded several tackles for losses, recovered two fumbles and LB Filip Sundgren even recorded a safety.

Pär Danielsson on the sweep

"Little Pär" ran the ball well today and kicked three extra points.

RB Tim Eriksson ran a reverse 75 yards for a TD.

Our final score was a strange one.

One of our running backs had gained about three yards and was going for more when an Oaks defender got his paw on the ball and raked it out. It flew right into the arms of 6'4", 285 lbs. offensive tackle Linus Nilsson. Forty yards and 30 seconds later he crossed the goal line for the 'Canes last TD of the afternoon. His rumble closed the scoring for the day at 29-0 Hurricanes.

Our last play of the game was a long gainer

Nordic Post-Game Rituals

Each side picks one player to thank and praise the other team before we shake hands.

The Oaks cheering Jonas Grip's speech

WR Alex Lilja
Thor's Hammer Hit of the Day Award

Don't let that boyish smile fool you, he loves to crack back on linebackers!

OT Linus "Touchdown" Nilsson

Danish Pølse Sausage

Jonas Grip made me an offer on the ferry ride home that I could NOT refuse. We did share the meal on this tray.

Bright red sausages smothered in crunchy onion bits, ketchup and spicy mustard. YUM!

Jonas "The Godfather of Hässleholm" Grip

DE Ingemar Olofsson

Coming home with a victory 12 pack of his favorite adult beverage.

I think that we were all very excited about today's effort but we still have a long ways and a lot of hard work ahead of us if we are going to compete for a championship.


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DPLassen said...

The brothers appear to put a whole new spin on the phrase "get a Grip."

And it sounds like you found a new fullback on that last score. Or at least someone who can run out the clock.

Congrats on what sounds like a very productive day.