Monday, April 19, 2010


Sunday was again overcast but it still begged for adventure, so it was off to the rail station!

Jason Johnson's Açai Berries

Our old Catania QB, JTwice, has done a lot of promotional artwork for this company.

On the way to catch the train I came upon this window display in a store on Hässleholm's main shopping street. Once you've made it in the intense Hässleholm health food market, your destiny is set!

The Suffix -est

In English this suffix denotes the absolute comparative best out of any group of similar items, people or traits . . . biggest, strongest, tallest, wildest, fastest. This suffix makes you the Top Dog, Numero Uno, Head Honcho, The Man, etc.

With this in mind, I felt that today would be the perfect day to visit the village of Eslöv, population 16,000.

Swedish TV personality Lasse Holmqvist once proclaimed Eslöv "The Boringest City in Sweden"! It was a Sunday, a day when everything is closed in most Swedish towns, so I felt I would observe Eslöv for myself on the quietest day possible.

First, I made a "Checklist of the Basic Services" that any self-respecting Swedish town should possess. Maybe a lack of such basic services led to Holmqvist's assessment.

Let's see what Eslöv has to offer . . .

Does it have a Train Station? √

Does it have a Church of Sweden? √

Does it have playgrounds for children? √

Does it have a Supermarket? √

Does it have an upscale restaurant? √

Does it have a pizzeria? √

Does it have a Konditori? √

Does it have a Mexican-Wok restaurant? √


Does it have art on the streets? √

Does it have art on the streets? √√

Does it have art on the streets? √√√

Does it have art on the streets? √√√√

Does it have a town symbol? √

This is a statue of a book (1902) and movie (1963) character known as "Sten Stensson Sten from Eslöv" by author Johan Adolf Wigefors. Swedish actor Nils Poppe played him in the movie. This character is now the symbol of Eslöv.

Does it have art inside its buildings? √


Does it have good shopping? √

Does it have good shopping? √√

Does it have good shopping? √√√

If you have a Dressmann's, what else do you really need?

Does it have a large hotel? √

Does it have a town square? √

Does it have a Turistbyrå? √

Does it have a Rotary Chapter? √

Does it offer eclectic stores? √

Does it offer eclectic stores? √√

A Goddess Wonderland???

O.K., Eslöv has all the basics that any Swedish city should have, no boredom so far.

The Eslöv Museum

I stumbled upon the City's Museum. Perhaps there was something in Eslöv's history that influenced Holmqvist's proclamation?

Elsie Hansson

Elsie was delightful as my personal museum guide. I think she is portrayed in the "I Intimaste Laget" poster on the left although she said it was not her.

The Simpson's in Eslöv?

Students from Eslöv's schools also had their art on display. Obviously the kids have a good global perspective!

Eslöv wheelwright's tools


One of Eslöv's long time businesses and main employers was Akermans that built earth moving equipment.

Eslöv had a large organ building firm.

This was Eslöv's very large clothing business

The museum's largest room was dedicated to the history of Sahlins and their process of making quality clothing.

Ann-Britt Sandberg

It was in the Sahlins exhibit where Elsie and I ran into Ann-Britt who was guiding a group of three ladies through the museum.

Like Elsie, she too was very outgoing, helpful and passionate about the wonders of Eslöv.

A former Sahlins' worker!

The lady in the middle actually worked at Sahlins for several years from the time she was 18. Her function was to sew pockets onto various articles of clothing.

You could see her overcome by what seemed to be very positive memories of days gone by as she reviewed the Sahlins pictures and items on display.

A foot pedal driven dentist's drill

A big Eslöv "OUCH"!!!

Eslöv discovers the Vacuum Cleaner!

Swedish Waffles!

I needed time to de-brief!

I had walked around Eslöv for an hour and spent another hour in the museum with Elsie and Ann-Britt. I needed to sort out all of the information in my head about Eslöv and decide if Holmqvist was right.

Vebos Café looked like just the spot.

Coffee and cookies!

In Sweden, any sweets with coffee are called cookies. This raspberry layered, chocolate encased treat was very interesting! Would it sway my final verdict on Eslöv?


Solitude in Vebos Café

The café was quiet with a combination of jazz, blues and Cuban music in the background. Undue influence?


After thinking it over I came to the conclusion that Eslöv is far from boring. I found the town charming except for the large amounts of paper in the streets.

The passion of Elsie and Ann-Britt for their town also reminded me that any place you are can be of interest if you take the time to meet the townspeople. People are always interesting.

Bottom line, Holmqvist was wrong! Actually, the internet confirmed what Elsie told me, Holmqvist had indeed recanted his bogus assessment of Eslöv saying that he had actually been thinking of the town of Landskrona!!!

It was only about 3:00 as I wrapped up my Eslöv experience, so I decided to get back on the train and go one more stop south to Lund which is quickly becoming my favorite city in Skåne.

A play in English

I had seen this poster for Lund University's production of Elizabeth. I vaguely remembered that the play would open at about this time in April so I took a chance to see if I could see it tonight.

Off by one day, the show opens on Monday at 7:00. I'll have to go back Monday for Opening Night.

The Lund University's
Performing Arts Center

Students practicing on a lazy Sunday

Lund University Classrooms

One of Lund's Cool Old Buildings . . .

. . . and another one



Beats me???


This eagle sculpture stands guard over Lund University's Botanical Gardens.

Good L.U. Flowers

Better L.U. Flowers

INCREDIBLE L.U. Flowers!!!


People of Interest!

How old is this one?

Lund Train Station Clock

I liked the purple lights around the edge that go on as each second expires.

Hard Core Advertising

When I got back to Hässleholm, I had to buy a few necessities at the local ICA Supermarket. I had not planned on the Toblerone but this ad persuaded me.

Dark Chocolate of course!

First Game Posters

These will be going up all over the greater Hässleholm Metroplex all of this week as our 2010 Season Opener is now only 20 days away!

Another good day in Skåne!


Lotta said...

Thank you for the pictures of my old town!I grew up in Eslov and Ann-Britt
Sandberg is my Mom!She is always
cheerful and is involved in many
activities in Eslov.She`s the best!
Having lived in USA for 27 years,I
still visit my Mom and Eslov every year.I have to agree though that I
love Lund!

George said...


Are you the one who lives in Chicago or Connecticut? Your Mother was very proud of both of her children!


Lotta said...

I`m the one who lives in Connecticut,
the youngest one.Our son serves in
the U.S Marines and is serving overseas on a ship right now.


DPLassen said...

The pressure to try a Mexican restaurant in Sweden continues to build — with or without woks.