Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Malmö FF - BK Häcken and a LOT More

This just in from Frederikssund, Denmark via Linus Johnsson's Facebook Page . . .

I need VERTICAL stripes!

In my defense I am wearing three other layers under this sweatshirt á la Randy, Ralphie's little brother, in "The Christmas Story".

ECLECTIC, definition: "combining various elements from a variety of sources."

More of Hässleholm Culture

The first order of business today was a visit to Hässleholm's Kulturhus to drop in at the 2010 Europaforum. This annual conference was in its third day of a four day run discussing the Lisbon Treaty, the economic crisis and the family. Scheduled were speakers from all over Sweden and the EU.

"Managing the Economic and Financial Crisis during the Presidency -
What Happened?"

This sounded like an interesting topic, and I'm sure it was, but since they spoke only in Swedish I was a tad bit lost.

What to do? The same thing I do at a football clinic when I don't have a speaker of interest.

Visit the exhibitors!

Lena Gustavsson and Anna Frängsmyr

These two lovely young ladies work for Sweden's National Board of Trade located in Stockholm.

Their job entails settling disputes between various governmental bodies as well as businesses.

I informed them that I might be needing their services this summer when Laurie arrives.

They repeated that they deal with disputes between various governmental bodies as well as businesses. I told them that their job description would pretty much cover Laurie as far as I could tell.

If you read Laurie's comment recently about my 1990's retro UW jacket, you'll know what I mean!

This is a large mens clothing chain in Sweden

The co-hero of Stieg Larsson's "Millennium Trilogy", Mikael Blomqvist, has shopped for clothes here at least twice in these action packed novels.

If its good enough for Mikael, its good enough for me!

Especially since Dressmann stocks
MENS sizes!

In Italy everybody is a Medium which is really a Small in the USA. I saw many things that I wanted to buy in my two years in Sicily but nothing fit this full figure guy.

Johan Hammarqvist
Polital Editor, NorreSkåne

Johan follows the blog and he spent a year as a foreign exchange student in a West Virginia high school. He was the one that left pro-Mountaineer comments on the blog when WVU and Washington met in the NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament a few weeks ago.

We met for lunch at Chicco's today and discussed a wide variety of political, sports and cultural issues.

On Thursday he will be a speaker at the Europaforum. He will be part of a panel discussing "Will the Pirate Party Leave a Footprint in Europe?"

It will if Johnny Depp has anything to say about it!

Johan is a "Person of Interest" here in Hässleholm.

After lunch, it was time to board a train south towards Malmö. Impulsively, I opted to get off the train in Lund, one stop before Malmö Central. Lund is Sweden's second oldest town, founded by the Danes around 1000 A.D.

Lund's main university building

Spring on Lund University's campus

Just like 40 years ago at the University of Washington. After a long, cold winter, when the temperature hits the high 50's, its time to enjoy a sunny day!

The Philosophy Department

The Philosophy Department's
Tower Stairway

Back on the train, it was off to Malmö to see Malmö FF play BK Häcken in a crucial fixture between the two teams currently tied for second place in the Allsvenskan table.

It's spring on Malmö's Stortorget as well

Bengt Färnlöf

Bengt runs an upscale souvenier shop near Malmö's Lilla Torg. I met him in his shop a few weeks ago and he was very helpful in getting me pointed in the right direction as I explored Malmo for the first time.

I dropped in to see him again today and he again gave me some good tips on the scenic route to Malmö FF's new stadium.

Yet another "Person of Interest".

Protestors on Gustav Adolfs Torg

They were locked up in these cages with their faces painted like monkeys in protest of using animals for medical research.

About six hours later when I walked through Gustav Adolf Torg after the Malmö FF game, they were still in their cages.

At Play on a Gorgeous Afternoon

A Purple Carpet in Malmö's
Gamla Begravnings Platsen

This is Malmö's old town cemetary.

Not on a dare!

Outside of Malmö's Opera House

The Pildammstornet

Bengt sent me on a walk through Malmo's beautiful Pildammsparken.

Malmö Stadion

Malmö FF's old stadium, it is now used for Track and Field exclusively.

Swedbank Stadion

Located directly behind the old stadium, this state of the art fotboll stadium is only a year old and can accomodate 24,000 fans, 18,000 seated plus room for 6,000 standing.

The Souvenier Shop

Easily the largest selection of the three stadiums I've visited so far.

Another positive of this fine facility was lots and lots of Water Closets!

Peter Andersson
Malmo FF Ticket Seller

The computers were down so Peter and I got a chance to visit. His daughter, Josefin, is a freshman tennis player at the University of South Carolina but is recovering from a torn achilles tendon.

Add Peter to my "Persons of Interset" list.

The Flag of Skåne

I wonder where they came up with its unique design?

Looking up from Swedbank Stadion's
Section 21, Row12, Seat 564

Card Stunts?

I'm not sure what the "1931" is all about. According to the signs in the stadium, 1931 was not a championship season.

Pre-Game Singing

They are sining the Malmö FF's anthem wit everybody on their feet having a grand time.


Malmö in blue, BF Häcken in yellow

The small band of faithful BF Häcken fans

Malmö's Fan Base Having Fun

The prices were very reasonable

About $5.50 for a hot dog and a Pepsi and . . .


Try that at the Rose Bowl or the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

After being tied at 1-1- at the half, Malmö prevailed 3-1 to take over sole possesion of second place behind Helsingborg HIF which also won tonight 3-0 over Atvidabergs FF.

The Pildammstornet

By night on the walk back to the train station it might have been even more spectacular.


Erik said...

So what did you think about the MFF game? Nice right?

1931 is the year Malmö advanced to the highest division in fotboll. This year the club celebrates it's 100 year anniversary and therefore we have extraordinary tifos each game.


George said...

A VERY nice stadium, good atmosphere and a fun crowd.

Michael Contreras said...

Maybe you could begin coaching soccer next year with all of your European soccer experience?!

George said...

I might IF there are free re-fills on the sidelines too!

DPLassen said...

Re that first picture: You know the old saying, the camera always adds 4.55 kilos.

George said...

Hey, that's right! Thanks David!