Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Near Wash Day Disaster

If it's Tuesday, it must be Laundry Day. I reserved my usual seven hour morning block of time in the building's laundry room about a week ago, had a full duffel of dirty clothes and was raring to go only to find . . .

. . . this sign on one of the
two washing machines.

Translation #1: "Not Working, Repairman Coming!"

Translation #2: "I'm screwed!"

My usual three hours of laundry room boredom stretched to five hours, effectively putting the kabosh on any medium range exploration plans for today.

Only one thing to do in a case like this, the Buffett at the Chili Thai Restaurang, part of my Hurricanes' Meal Plan! It was GOOD!

Wild Flowers

They are usually tulip-like and come in an array of colors.

I decided to use my Jojo Card to board the 531 bus towards Tyringe's farm country and just get off the bus wherever it struck me.

It struck me at the Finja Kyrka

This Church of Sweden was built in 1664, just 299 years before Casa Contreras was erected in Camarillo.

A Working Farm

Nothing says farming like the thick aroma of manure in the air.

A Blue Farm?

Nope, it is a sports complex. See the fotboll fields on the right?

Just a cool country home

About 30 players were at practice tonight, it was a good one as we prepared for the offensive and defensive schemes of our opponent in this Sunday's scrimmage in Denmark.

We continue to improve both individually and as a team.



Lund student said...

If you ever want a tour of Lund or Malmö just drop a line in the blogg with a phonenumber and ill call you. Then you might not have all that time sitting at home doing nothing.

George said...


Is there any chance to sit in on a history class in English for one day at L.U.?

Johan said...

Great to see that you went to Finja! Drop by for some coffee next time...

Lund student said...

I should think so, atleast if the class is in our lecture hall. No one checks any ID so you should be able to slip in with the crowd. We are in the middle of our "midterm" weeks so the next class is not until the 19th.
And then the class would be British History and Culture.

George said...


Coffee it is!

L.U. Student,


Tomas said...

Thank you for some great reading!

At the public Universitiys (in Sweden) lectures are open for the public (the other form is seminars which are closed).

After reading your blog I can not stop wondering how your playbook looks since it seems to be so hard? Looking forward to watch some HH football to understand it. What are your basics? College spread? West coast? Veer?

George said...


Thanks for the information about L.U. on the lectures vs. seminars.

Our offensive playbook is TOP SECRET information!!!

If I told you, I'd have to kill you!!!

Tomas said...

Thats what I thought :) The great part about it is that I can still hope for a veer book! If its a veer book I'll come down watch you guys! Promise you that.

Good Luck with everything!

George said...


If you want to talk Veer, I can certainly do that with you at some point.

I may even be able to hook you up with a couple of GREAT Split Back Veer option books.