Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Day at the Lake in Vittsjö

I was up early and got on the 532 bus for the second day in a row, this time to go to the village of Vittsjö about 25 minutes outside of Hässleholm. We drove through here twice yesterday on our journey to Göteborg and I liked the look of it.

A statue dedicated to Retired People

Vittsjö surrounds this wonderful lake. I decided to go on a hike and opted for the Sjostugan Trail if I could just figure out where it starts.

It should be around here somewhere . . .


The number of birds returning from Africa continues to grow daily as does the noise they make.

He's not really alone you know.

Nice lakeside properties

I always pictured it as
a bit grander than this.

The XXL Restaurang

It was closed but the potential for culinary greatness is definitely there!

The Vittsjö Bibliotek

Celebrating the Centennial of the train line
to Hässleholm, 1890-1990


A sun with an Afro?

This gravesite is over 100 years old

Glad to see someone still cares.

Vittsjö's Church was built in 1828

Back to the lake

I decided to plop down on this idyllic spot and read more from my current book, "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest" for a liitle while.


Ready to Launch

Frederikssund scrimmage DVD Study

We practiced hard on the fundamentals of blocking and tackling tonight for one hour, a great session! We used the second hour to review the DVD of last Sunday's scrimmage.

A BIG THANKS to Frank Hilgers for bringing his computer, projector and high-tech screen to the practice facility tonight so that we could view the game in a great teaching atmosphere.

They were focused and learned quite a bit tonight.

Read more about the scrimmage in today's NorreSkåne newspaper at:

About one half of the bags
that arrived yesterday

They helped SO MUCH in re-teaching the fundamentals of blocking tonight!

After practice and the DVD session, I was cornered by one of our Junior wide receivers who wanted to ask a question. The question?

"If I catch the football can I then run for a touchdown?"


My 1990's Retro Husky Jacket

It arrived yesterday too on the slow boat from California.

Allsvenskan Week End Results

Mjällby 2 - Halmstad 1

The Black and Gold keep rolling and are now 3-1-1 which gives them 10 points in the standings.

The top five teams in the Allsvenskan table currently are:
1. Helsingborg HIF 4-1-0 = 13
2T. Malmö FF 3-2-0 = 11
2T. BK Häcken 3-2-0 = 11
4T. Mjällby AIF 3-1-1 = 10
4T. Gefle IF FF 3-1-1 = 10

BK Häcken at Malmö FF

Tomorrow night at 19:00 these two teams tied for second place square off. I've decided to spend my entertainment Krone there since Mjällby AIF is hosting lowly Kalmar FF who is mired in 12th place with a record of 0-3-2 = 3.


DPLassen said...

Here's the Google translation of the newspaper story:

AMERICAN FOOTBALL. Hässleholm Hurricanes with new U.S. coach George Contreras went far in the lead for their first friendly match of the season. Six hours in a bus and a ferry trip was perhaps not the ultimate build.

The result was, however, successful as it won with utklassning figures in Danish Frederikssund. In the meeting with the home team Oakes was both offensive and defensive training ranges and a slightly abbreviated training match with the Hurricanes won 29-0 throughout.

- We performed pretty nervous, but defensively we are good this time - a lot depends on Jonas Griphs strong game, "said George Contreras, who also praised Andrei Dragulescu, Ulf Palm Brink, Martin Andrä and Philip Sundgren the defensive.

Hurricanes also got a great start since Philip Jensen returned a 75 yard kick off with a first touchdown as a result. Even Tim Eriksson, Pär Jönsson Linus Nilsson and accounted for touchdowns while Philip Sundgren world some safety for two points and Pär Danielsson kicked three extra points.
- Offensive, we have still a lot to work with before the series start. But this still seemed like a good start, "said Contreras.

How good was the Danes?
- They hardly win the Danish championship and were not as many in the squad as we but it was nonetheless a good first game for us, said George Contreras.

(By the way, I find it interesting they use your first and last name on every reference. I guess they don't want you confused with all the other Contrerases on the team.)

Ryan said...


That's a joke in bad taste waiting to happen.

Michael Contreras said...

So I take it you did not launch the boat due to a lesson learned in Vermont?

George said...


I think it alrady happened!

claud said...

I LOVE the throwback jacket!!!

Laurie said...

The jacket can stay in Europe.

Good one, Michael.

X. O.

Tomas said...

Your blog is getting big...


George said...


Is American football becoming the new "Sport of the Future" in Sweden?