Friday, April 23, 2010

Rare JGFG Interview and a Trip to Oslo

NorreSkåne had yet another article on the 'Canes in today's edition. Featured was an interview with the legendary Jonas Grip. Click below to see the article in full.


The day started early as I boarded the X2000 Train at 7:00 a.m. for the two hour ride to Göteborg. From there it was another 3 hours and 40 minutes by bus to the capital city of Norway, Oslo.

When I bought my round trip tickets in Hässleholm, they failed to mention that there is a Norwegian train that I could have used instead of the Swedish bus. It would have cut the second leg of the trip to only two hours.

Live and learn is my new mantra.

Dog sniffing for drugs, weapons ???

Since Norway is not a member of the European Union, the bus had to go through customs at the Norwegian border. It consisted of two customs officers boarding the bus, one checking our passports and the other one handling a dog.

The dog also sniffed the stored luggage underneath in the storage compartments as well. Fortunately we were clean and got through Norwegian customs in 15 minutes.

Riccardo at Oslo Sentralstasjon's TI

The first person I met in Oslo was Riccardo. Great attitude and very helpful in getting a new tourist to his city started on the right foot.

He got my vote for "Employee of the Month"! I wish everybody had his energy and positive mental attitude.


It means Tiger Town and is a reference to the feeling in the 1800s that Oslo was an urban tiger leaving a mark on the very souls of rural Norwegians who visited.

The Royal Palace

The flag flying indicates that King Harald V is in the country.

My hotel, the Thon Hotel Slottsparken, is about 300 meters to the right of the Royal Palace.

A Royal Palace Guard

Armed and very dangerous!

The Edvard Munch Museum

I would only had a little more than an hour before most museums would be closing at 4:00 p.m. I noticed that this museum was open until 6:00 p.m., so I decided to make this my first stop. When I got there a sign said it was closed this week while they were changing the exhibit.

It made me want to Scream!

Old Meets New in Oslo

Oslo's Lutheran Cathedral

The Lutheran Cathedral's Ornate Ceiling

The Royal Box in the Lutheran Cathedral

OK, JTwice, Oslo may be the Lutheran answer to Rome.

The Cornerstone of Oslo's Old Cathedral

Over 1,000 years old from the former Cathedral, it depicts the forces of good and evil tugging at all human beings. It was incorporated into the current Cathedral when it was built in 1697.

These guys are EVERYWHERE!

What is with the Red Pants?

There were young people all over the city wearing these rather loud red pants. I couldn't help but wonder why?

Ida Lyche and Sukhjeet Kalr

The answer was simple once I asked Ida and Sukhjeet about it.

It seems that starting today, the 28,000 students of the University of Oslo start blowing off steam before the start of Final Exams. The Red Pants signify that you are about to participate in some serious college hijinks including the blowing of whistles and the consumption of alcohol . . . lots of alcohol it turned out.

Here's the rub, these two lovely young ladies said that the students will keep up this break neck pace until Finals start on . . . MAY 17th!

That is 24 days of serious partying!!! Pat FitzGerald, you might want to check the U. of Oslo's transfer policies.

Ida and Sukhjeet's Red Cards

Another student tradition during these tumultuous times is the exchange of these Red Cards with people that you meet. I gave them my Hurricanes business card so as not to be rude of course.

Danish King Christian IV

Norway was part of Denmark back during Christian IV's reign in the 1600s. He actually changed the city's name to Christiania in 1624. The new name stuck until 1924 when the town went back to its old name, Oslo.

Just a cool Oslo building

Norway's Oldest and Best Chocolate

Their "Premium 70% Cocoa" is a dark chocolate that is awesome!

So I've been led to believe.

Christian Krohg
A Noted Norwegian Painter

Norwegian Parliament Building

W.B. Samson Bakery

The sell incredible pastries here including a flaky dough, apple, sugar glazed and almond slivered topped one that is out of this world!

So I've been led to believe.

A one man Bob Dylan cover band

The castanet on the toes was a nice touch.

Protestors, Tiananmen Square II???

They were marching on the Parliament Building for animal rights. It could get ugly!

The Grand Hotel is, well, grand!

GREAT Hard Rock Cafe building!

Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
Norwegian Playwright

Say his name five times really fast!

Henrik Ibsen
Norwegian Playwright

One of Brian FitzGerald's favorite writers.

Ludvig Holberg
Yet another Norwegian Playwright

Why is this woman smiling?

Oslo's Harbor

Noble Peace Center

The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded each year in Oslo's nearby Rådhuset or City Hall. All the other Nobel Prizes are announced in Stockholm's City Hall.

Lego Tiger

Legos are Danish and this tiger was found near the harbor where the Copenhagen Ferry lands. This weekend the Danes are putting on a massive "Visit Denmark" blitz along the harbor.

Why are all these Lego cubes here?

Why are these men building more cubes?


They just keep adding more cubes to this Lego Obelisk! It was past the 15 meter mark the last time I saw it.

This really makes me want to go back to Denmark!

Oslo's Harbor Lighthouse

Hanging Air Sculpture

Closed tonight, I'm there Saturday

Freia Melkesjokolade

Freia's Milk Chocolate is also excellent and melts in your mouth.

So I've been led to believe.

Two Norwegian Patriots

It looks like the U. of Oslo students won't be the only ones drinking beer tonight.

Oslo is a GREAT CITY!!!


DPLassen said...

Shame there wasn't a royal birthday so you could sample all those goodies. And it's probably too soon for you to NEED a burger at the Hard Rock.

DPLassen said...

The article with the Godfather was interesting and for the most part, Google Translate did well enough for me to understand the answers. (I'd be interested to know more about Jonas' musical tastes.) But I am stumped by this part:

I was ashamed when I ... realized that I forgot to submit horse row last weekend, because two weeks earlier I whined to my brother when he forgot it.

"Horse Row?"

George said...

David P.,

Actually, I don't think that I've ever dined at any Hard Rock.

I'm sure today is somebody important in Norways birthday, I'll have to Google it.

"Horse Roe"?

I'll ask him when I get back to Hässleholm.

George said...

Ida and Sukhjeet,

It sounds like you both survived Day #1, only 23 more nights until Finals start!!!

Good luck "russ".