Monday, April 26, 2010

Last Hectic/Expensive Morning in Oslo

My last morning in Oslo was to be a busy one but not for the last opportunity to sightsee as I had planned.

Before I left California, I had signed a Power of Attorney (POA) form so that Laurie could finish working with the Bank of America on our home refinancing in my absence. It sounded simple and today would be the day the loan closed and all of our financial worries would be over!

Maybe not.

At the eleventh hour, we hit a snag. It seems that one of the departments involved in the process did not like the POA's wording and wanted me to sign a new POA and get it to the Bank of America's Scottsdale, Arizona offices by 8:00 p.m. Pacific time today.

After using the Thon Hotel Slottsparken's printer last night to get a hard copy of the revised POA, it was off to the United States of America's Oslo Embassy to sign it in front of a Notary Public.

There are several Embassies located near the Royal Palace and I would have to walk past some of them like . . .

The Canadian Embassy

Apparently the Canadians just have some low-key floor space in this office building.

That's my Hotel on the far right.

The Japanese Embassy

Next to the Canadian Embassy, the building is 100% dedicated to Japanese affairs.

At this point I decided to take a short cut through the Slottsparken where I met many unifomed people scurrying about. Something was up, but what?

So I asked the Palace Guard

Simple really, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev was due to arrive at noon to visit Norwegian King Harald V, Queen Sonja and Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg.


I've got to get back to Sweden ASAP!

President Medvedev

He was scheduled to discuss business cooperation and border issues on the Barents Sea.

But I digress, back to the hunt for the Notary Public at the U.S.A. embassy which took me past . . .

The Estonian Embassy


The United States of America Embassy

Secure, heavily guarded and begging for simpler times.

I got in line at the security check point and got through the metal detector without a problem although they did hold on to my St. Christopher medal during my visit.

Ruled a WMD I suppose.

It went quickly but I choked when they said that the cost would be $30 USD, normally this service would cost $5 or $10 back home.

At least I did my part to whittle away at the National Debt.

The Henrik Ibsen Museum

No time for this today, I now had to get back to the Hotel and FAX the notarized POA to the Bank of America immediately.

Mission accomplished.

It was now down to the bus station to store all my baggage in a locker so that I could not have to lug it all over Oslo trying to find my next stop.

I had to find the local Mail Boxes Etc. store to FedEx the notarized hard copy to Arizona. I found an address and got a general idea of where it was but I could not find it since the street it is on is too small to be named on my handy tourist map.

I need to find a "Person of Interest" STAT!

Ragna Marie
Person of Interest

Ragna runs the Oslo DiamantSenter AS.

Ragna Marie may sell diamonds and jewelry but she has a heart of gold. She got on her computer, the world's slowest one I must add, and she found Ploensgate #4 for me.

TACK SÅ MYCKET Ragna Marie!!!

Finally at the Mail Boxes Etc., I turned in the one page notarized hard copy and they said they could get it to Arizona by Wednesday, perfect!

It only cost 664 Norwegian Krona which equals $112.22!!!

Buy stock in FedEx today!

I now had about two hours until my bus left for Göteborg, so I did get a chance to rummage about a little more.

That reminds me, I'm dying to go to Dubai!

No 16th century explorer could find it


Moods of Norway

Be sure to click on this image to fully appreciate the latest Spring Fashions.

Who would wear something like this?

My goal was to go back to the Rådhuset to see those pesky murals that were not available to me during Saturday and Sunday's Confirmation Ceremonies.

One large socially conscious mural covers an entire huge wall. Its theme is the Nazi occupation of Norway. It was too big to capture in one picture so I have broken it down into four manageable parts.

All was peaceful until the Luftwaffe arrived

The Gestapo knocking

Resistance Planning and Prison Camps

FREEDOM! The war is over!

It was a very impressive mural in sheer size as well as content.

Another Mural

This has nothing to do with the other mural but hey, it got a naked woman into Oslo's City Hall.

Another reminder, call Andy and Jenn

Military Brass walking towards the Parliament Building

A Military Parade

The Royal Palace is in the background. President Medvedev must be close.

This is the same street that divided Oslo last Saturday during the 10K Race. Today I was on the Allied side of the barriers and free to move about.

I'm a quick study in a crunch.

The Norwegian Military in Dress Blacks

The Weapons are Impressive

Do you think he has ever had to shave?

Time for some good Marching Music!

Nice Sombrero

Norwegians love their Trolls

Moods of Norway II

O.K., this guy would wear the wild clothes we saw earlier.

7-11 sorely tempted me but I was strong today.

Guys, Meet the . . .

. . . Girls

The Red Pants are ready to party again, all we need is a few cases of beer!

In the Göteborg Bus/Train Station

I wonder if Göteborg students have a Red Hair tradition akin to Oslo's Red Pants?

Again, I had a GREAT time in Oslo, a wonderful city indeed!

That being said, I was happy to be back home in Hässleholm's Icelandia Slott!

Practice Tuesday night with only four more practices until our season opener on May 8th against the Limhamn Griffins.


Ryan said...

Interesting to see the other embassies compared to ours. I wonder how much of the fortifications are necessary and how much are out of fear. I suppose its better to be safe than sorry... its just sad we have to be so safe.

Is it just me or did Moods of Norway II look like the Mad Hatter?

Dick said...

My friend who had been pick pocketed while in France went to the US Embassy in Paris. Had to leave her cell phone outside with security. It cost her $50 for a new passport. Note the reason she was there. She had no money and now needed to call me. Note 2nd sentence. Fortunately the guards were nice enough to allow her to use her phone. Had she stepped off the property should couldn't go back in until the next day. And yes, the security presence was HEAVY.

George said...


Johnny Depp has such an incredible influence over Norwegian fashion.


I know what you mean, for a split second security was not going to let me take in the envelope with the document I needed notarized. Anthrax scare I'm guessing.