Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Skåneleden Trail

The weekend in Oslo finally caught up to me today as I slept in until noon . . . SCANDALOUS!!!

After a fine grilled chicken lunch at Chicco's, I set off for my first nature walk in a long while as I took the Skåneleden Trail. This particular trail takes you through farmlands, wetlands and woodlands.

I walked for about three hours round trip which got me near the village of Tormestorp.


The Pasture's Big Boy

Why is it that humans who go vegetarian are usually thin while these animals get so big as vegetarians.

Grazing in the Grass

Spot - Ever Vigilant!

Lots of horses on this walk as well

If Robert Redford was a horse . . .


If there are horses, then there must be riders

You don't see much moss in Camarillo

I tried but no water today

A good spot to sit and read for a while

American football is catching on in Sweden

These people are even building a goal post in their backyard!

Mas moss

The IFK Hässleholm Fields

Dozens of youngsters were at practice trying to improve their fotboll skills.

It felt very good to take a long country walk after touring so many city streets in Copenhagen, Oslo and the Skåne region the past few weeks.

Sports Updates

Over the weekend, the Catania Elephants defeated the Ancona Dolphins 54-36.

The Elephants 3-1 IFL record places them in sole possession of second place behind the 4-0 Parma Panthers.

Catania has its fourth week off in the first eight weeks of the IFL season this weekend.

Up next for the Elephants is a trip to Reggio Emilia to take on the 3-2 Hogs. The Hogs game will be the first of four straight weekends of play for the Elephants to finish their regular season.

In Allsvenskan fotboll news, Mjällby AIF lost a 1-0 heartbreaker at home to Helsingborg IF.

That puts Mjällby in fourth place at 4-2-2 while HIF continues atop the table at 7=1-0.

Next up for Mjållby is a trip to Stockholm to play 2-2-4 Djurgårdens IF.

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