Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pre-scrimmage Saturday

After yesterday's big travel day to Helsingør, I decided to stay in at Icelandia to sort through all my maps and tourist information and get rid of the things I really didn't need. Lots of junk didn't make the cut as it turned out.

The other main issue today was preparing all sorts of last second details for tomorrow's scrimmage in Denmark. The bus leaves Hässleholm at 7:00 and kickoff is at noon, it should be interesting!

Catania 41 - Bologna 34

With the victory, the Elephants improved to 2-1 while the Warriors are now 0-3. Catania now trails only the Parma Panthers who are 3-0 and have a BYE this week.

The Elephants have a BYE next week before returning to action at home on Saturday, April 24 at 3:00 p.m. against the Ancona Dolphins (0-1). The Dolphins play tomorrow at 2-1 Bergamo.

Our Defensive MVP in 2008

Gianmarco has the skill, heart and nastiness that you need in a linebacker! When he got hurt last year and missed much of the season it was a devastating blow. I hope that he is back to full strength this year.

Dr. Salvo Sicali

Salvo, a LB, had a great season in 2009.

The big award for the Elephants at the end of the season is the Vic Trophy. It goes to the Italian player deemed to have had the best season. The Vic Trophy is a large, angry, red Elephant holding a football in his trunk.

About a week after the end of our 2008 season we had a great banquet at an upscale restaurant that served excellent gourmet pizzas. WR Claudio Mangano won the Vic Trophy that night and was really proud and happy about the honor.

Laurie and I left Catania last year about a month after the season was over but we never had a banquet. Line coach Paul Petrich and I both strongly recommended Salvo as the 2009 Vic Trophy winner.

I don't know if he or the other players we named as award winners ever got their due recognition or if a banquet was held to finally bring closeure to the 2009 season.

Thanks for a GREAT 2009 season Salvo!

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