Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Driving Range

The utter excitement of laundry day was disrupted by a call from Frank Hilgers asking me to join him for lunch and a bucket of golf balls at the Hesslegårdens Golfklubb's driving range. Of course I said "YES"!

Traditional Swedish Thursday Meal

Frank informed me that besides this fine salad bar, the Golfklubb's lunch menu included a pea and meat soup plus, dare I say it, SWEDISH PANCAKES!

Apparently this was the traditional Thursday menu served schools and the military in Sweden for many years.

The soup was delicious with a dollop of sweet mustard stirred in as is the local custom. I assume that the meat was something exotic like reindeer but I don't really know.

How many Swedish pancakes are too many? Beats me!

The Driving Range

We each hit a bucket of balls and I was very satisfied with the nice set of clubs that Mats Heningsson lent me for the summer a few weeks ago.

Afterwards Frank informed me that I can't play in Sweden unless I have a Greens Card which certfies that I have a basic knowledge of the rules of golf and can display some basic skills. We spoke with a young man named Rasmus who works in the pro shop and we will get this taken care of in the near future.


Our first mid-week outdoor practice

We are now officially done practicing indoors unless something crazy happens like say a volcano exploding in Iceland.

Nice Shoes!

The Traditional Warm-Up Lap

Rasmus Grip and his son Noac

Nice Shorts!

It was so nice that I wore shorts myself for the first time tonight myself.

Jojo Card Update

After yesterday's trip to Malmö, in 18 days, I have now used over 1200 Krona through the magic of the Jojo Card which cost me 1060 Krona originally. In other words, it has been quite the bargain and I still have 12 days left on this 30 day card.

Mjällby AIF 0 - Kalmar FF 0

MAIF could have used a win over lowly Kalmar FF but had to settle for the tie.

The top four teams on the Allsvenskan table now are:

1. Helsinborg HIF 5-1-0 = 16
2. Malmö FF 4-2-0 = 14
3T. Mjällby AIF 3-2-1 = 11
3T. BK Häcken 3-2-1 = 11

In a key match-up, Mjällby AIF plays at BK Häcken next Monday night.

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