Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Strange weather day today, it started out being sunny when I met with the God Father for a nice breakfast near the main square in Hässleholm. It did lead me to some . . .

California Dreamin'

I returned home for some quiet time watching DVDs of Season 1 of "Two and a Half Men", hilarious, that running back Pär Jönsson lent me.

After coming up with two solid practice plans again, one for the Juniors at 5:30 and another one for the Seniors at 6:30, it was time to head out to practice.

As I started my ten minute walk to Göingvallen Stadium for our fourth outdoor practice of the pre-season, it started to sprinkle lightly.

By the time that the Junior practice was finishing, we were enjoying a very steady drizzle.

It continued during the start of the Senior practice and then it suddenly turned into a snow storm!

It didn't matter, we had a good turnout and had a very solid practice with lots of focused players. A great turnaround from last Saturday's low.


Linus, lower your pad level!

The Grip Brothers
Dashing Through the Snow!

Still snowing.

The last two years the blog has been sponsored by the "Heather Linderman Ad of the Day Award".

Since Sweden is averse to purient advertising, we have had to seek alternate funding and are proud to announce our first
"Ian Murphy Tattoo of the Day Award"!

Running Back Tim Eriksson's Viking Ship

A BIG thank you to Ian for his generous support of the blog!

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JTwice said...

IAN! You expect to reach the New World with only four sails? You better cover your nipples, son, with some jet propulsion!