Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My First Trip to Malmö

I left Camarillo exactly four weeks ago today, still a long time until Laurie arrives for the Summer.

I got an early start and took the train south to the Öresund port city of Malmö, Sweden's third largest city with a population of about 262,000 inhabitants.

The Jojo Card took care of the 192 Krona round trip fare and one unknown fare on a bus. So after only three days I have recouped at least 336 Krona of the thirty day Jojo Card's original 1060 Krona purchase price with 27 days to go!

I say "at least" because I do not know the cost of the three bus rides I've taken thanks to Jojo and my little problem going home last night. In Malmö I boarded the Pågatåg train headed to Helsinborg.

Easy, right? It was the Pågatåg train that I took Monday to Helsingborg.

WRONG! In my dazed and tired state at the end of a long day, I forgot that Monday's train only goes East-West from Helsingborg to Kristianstad. I had mistakenly boarded one of the other four Pågatåg train lines, one that went only North-South along the coast from Malmö to Helsingborg.

Like the Belly Counter, I had to learn by this costly mistake.

Fortunately costly in time only, one extra hour on the correct Pågatåg train. The Jojo Card covered the cost of the unknown fare of my extra leg home.

Malmö as first seen from the Östra Canal

As you can see, it was very foggy when I exited the central train station and crossed this bridge into Malmö. The weather would be a factor on this day.

Malmö's logo is this very cool
bird-headed dragon.

Like every Swedish city, large or small, I've visited to date, Malmö had some interesting statuary.

I think her name is Joy

By the time I found her, it was mid-day and pouring rain. She was in the Kungsparken, the oldest public park in Malmö opened in 1872.

Malmö's Logo with a Fierce Minion

Ode to Wheat

Again, the Skåne region is mostly farm land.

Ode to Brian FitzGerald's Sprinters

No wonder his people are so fast, they even have wings on their asses!


Helsingborg had their leafless trees festooned with colorful artificial feathers on Monday. Malmö would counter with huge Easter Eggs.

Stortorget Square built in 1536

These are the first ones I found, large and somewhat plain.

Take a closer look at the statue of the horse with a rider. That is King Karl X Gustav in the saddle. He is the one who took the Skåne region from the Danes

Tradition has it that if in a statue of this style the horse has it's two front legs off the ground, the rider died in battle on the battle field.

If the horse only has one front leg off the ground, the rider died due to battle wounds at a later time.

If all four of the horse's legs are grounded, the rider died of non-battle related issues.

Just thought you might want to know.

Now that's more like it!

This colorful egg even had a parade of statues following it down Södergatan, Malmö's big pedestrian only walking street.

The Best Eggs in my opinion

I found these two keepers on the Gustav Adolfs Torg.

What the . . . ?

This is getting strange

St. Petri Kyrka

Dating from the early 1300's, it was built in Baltic Gothic style.

An Ornate Pulpit

A grave marker near St. Petri's altar

Are they playing Fotboll with those skulls?

Guest Pianist

As I sat and reflected in one of the pews, a very plain dressed man just walked up to a piano near the altar, sat down and played one beautiful tune. As quickly as he came, he left. Give him a listen.

I love these painted Ads on the buildings

The Burger King kind of clashes with my old school Ads.

Colorful Architecture Time

This courtyard will be hopping
when Spring gets here

Just off of the Lilla Torg, a very popular meeting place in Malmö.


A wine industry edifice, I'm sure Laurie will make a few stops here in the Summer.


Hollandia Konditori

I had to have some coffee with a Danish, it's becoming a tradition on these treks.

Lots of great ost/cheese shops in Sweden

Laurie will be buying a pair of these clogs, I'm sure.

Probably more.

Casino Cosmopol

Of course this reminded me of Andy and Jenn living in Las Vegas. I don't think that this modest Casino poses any real threat to Las Vegas tourism.

I wonder how Koreen FitzGerald is doing?

Vamos Bien?

A reminder of a Spring Break vacation with Andy, Mike and Ben.

David Lassen, I found one!

It took a month, but here is the first Mexican restaurant I have seen.

My personal rule has alway been "Don't Eat in a Mexican Restaurant Above the 45th Parallel".

Malmö is located at latitude 55.55˚ North.

It's a no go, unless I get desperate!

The Black Bread scares me

Cool little guy walking in the rain
with his Dad

This was taken in the Gamla Begravnings Platsen, a combination cemetery/pedestrian walking zone.

Young love in the distance on a rainy day

Always nice to share your umbrella with a pretty girl.

In the Slotts Trägärden

The Malmöus Castle

More of a fortification really, it now houses a series of museums both inside and outside its walls. It was a good place to hide from the mid-day rain storm.

Spin the Eco-Wheel in the Nature Museum

I spun it and this is what I supposed to do for the next month to help the ecology.


Who is this fellow?

I'm obviously in the art museum now.

Hey, is that me in this drawing?


The World Championship of Women's American Football will be held in Stockholm this Summer.

These sisters are now the two starting inside linebackers for Team Sweden!

I liked this one of 1932 Stockholm.

1963 Heinkel Trojan 200
198 cc's of power

Now I'm in the transportation section, note the scooter next to it to properly appreciate the Trojan's size.

The entire front of this three-wheeler is the Trojan's only passenger door.

What boy doesn't love a good
Aerospace Museum?

1895 Roller Skates

Made by the Road Skate Company of London, "The leg braces are particularly suitable for ladies, as they can put the skates on or take them off in a public place."

Malmö City Hall

Built in 1546, it is quite a sight and yes, it IS a bright, sunny afternoon!

The best way to get around town

While Malmö is a very old and picturesque city, it also has a new and vibrant feel to it, especially in the Western Harbor area.

The unique landmark sight in the Western Harbor area is . . .

The Turning Torso

An apartment building erected in 2005, it was the brain child of Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. When it was being built the people of Malmö were up in arms because it just doesn't fit with the rest of the city's old world feel.

Gradually they have come to like it and now take pride in this internationally reknowned landmark.

How did they do this?

This 54 story, 623 foot (190 meters) tall edifice is truly fascinating. The idea is that we are facing the back of the building and that the "face" of the building at the top is twisting around to get a better look at the Western Harbor and Denmark across the Öresund.


Malmö is an interesting city that combines history, architectural styles and a gritty sea port quite nicely.


DPLassen said...

C'mon, you've got to try the Mexican restaurant. I understand the Herring Burrito is the specialty of the house.

George said...

Only with Lingonberry salsa!

Erik said...

I would have to try the Mexican food. You never know....

George said...

You are a BRAVE man Eric!