Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Magle Våtmark

Today I decided to lose myself in nature and take a walk on the very well marked, thanks to the snow melting, orange Skåneleden Trail to an area south of Icelandia called Magle Våtmark.

Magle Våtmark is a wetlands area that is about to explode with wildlife and colors as Spring keeps trying to barge onto the scene.

Rural Sights

The Skåne region is mostly farmland and the trek to Magle Våtmark was no exception.

The Annedal Farm

A Picturesque Barn



That reminds me, I'm hungry!

Even in Hässleholm

Follow the Orange Markers

Out of the Farmlands and into the Woods

"Potent Potables for $100, Alex."

The Wetlands

Ducks on the wing

How was Africa this winter?

"You are cleared for landing on Runway #2"

The birds are just returning and I saw lots of ducks today but I was not ready to see so many . . .


This is just plain ignorance on my part but I always associate swans with European palace ponds, arboretums and zoos. I never have thought of them as actually living in the wild.

To my surprise, I saw about a dozen of them on my walk, always in pairs.

"I warn you, don't start that ugly duckling crap with us again or I'll sock you!"


I really enjoy these lonely walks. They are each a chance to reflect on life and what I value . . . my family, the boys, their brides, my friends but mostly my love for my bride, Laurie, who I dearly miss more each day.

This is also a time to admit to the mistakes I've made in the past 63 years, there are many, and to ask for forgiveness from those that I did not treat as kindly as I should have.

If I continue these 4+ mile journeys of reflection every day, I may not need the Camino de Santiago Trail in the Fall.


Mors Deka said...

The next time you visit Strandvallen for a MAIF game, you have to come a few hours early... I live in Nogersund, the village you come to if you forget to turn right to the stadium. It's in walking distance from the soccer field. It's a fishing village with all that it stands for. We'd love to show you around.

Michael Contreras said...

I miss you Dad. How about you, me, and my bride go on one of your walks when we get there?

George said...


Sounds good to me, I'd like to have a guide as we explore.

As my friend JTwice always says, "Be a tourist in your own town."