Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Walking Trail and Practice

Yesterday when I visited the Hässleholm Tourist Center, one of the flyers I picked up dealt with information about two separate walking/biking circular trails that start in town, go out into more open space and finish back in town.

The trails are color coded, Red 4.4 Kilometers and Purple 4.2 Kilometers, and fairly well marked. I opted for the Purple Stattenaslingan Trail.

Surprise Ending?

Now my neck has been hurting for about a year and I could REALLY use a massage but I'm just not sure about this place. Anyway, the Trail I'm on today took me by this, shall we say, interesting establishment.

Trudging through the snow

It was uphill both ways . . .

I think this is the right way . . .

A school, kids HAVE to play!


Vegetable Gardens awaiting Spring

For a while I thought I might be lost and could not find my location on the Trail map, but then I found myself at the intersection of . . .

Pepparmyntsgränden and Salviagränden!

Back on track again, into town and today's trek was finished!

The Chili Thai is part of my Meal Plan

I get to eat here for free once a week. Shi Young, I need some guidance on what to order, HELP!

The Hälso Studion is my gym

Owned by Hurricane Jonas Grip, I'm going to workout here . . . someday.

I joined Jonas and fellow defensive lineman Simon Vikland for lunch at the Hesslegårdens Golfklubb. Good food and I'm looking forward to hitting the links here after the Spring thaw.

Tuesday Night Practice

Solid turnout, great enthusiasm and lots of work in our two hours.

The Hurricanes are colorful if nothing else!

We continued to polish our offense, had a great tackling session and introduced our base defensive skills. Again, I believe that we are REALLY headed in the right direction!


Michael Contreras said...

What a wonderful trail you were able to walk. I can only imagine you with your new shoes crunching the snow, and your UW beanie.

Michael Contreras said...

...as you begin to feel the "textures"...

George said...

Textures INDEED!