Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Walk in Kristianstad


After my weekly battle with the laundry this morning (I won in increasingly efficient fashion!), I boarded the train for the 15 minute train ride to the East to spend an afternoon in the city of Kristianstad.

Even in Kristianstad they celebrate the
"Wearing O' the Green"

A Boston Irish Sports Pub?

Bound to happen in this town of about 34,000 inhabitants, about twice the size of Hässleholm.

The Church of Sweden's
Trefaldighets Kyrka

This imposing church is the first thing you see in Kristianstad as you exit the train station. I had to go in of course.

Kristianstad was founded in 1614 by Danish King Christian IV. The town remained as part of Denmark for 44 years until Sweden took over this long disputed part of Skåne, i.e., modern day Southern Sweden.

There would indeed be lots to see here, but lets start with the interior of this Kyrka (church).

We have GOT to bring back swords as a men's fashion statement!

Just for you Brian

European Church Wood Carvings

How cool are these Collection Baskets?

"Are you looking at me?"

A Church Organ HAS to be Ornate . . . No?

The Eastern side of the Trefaldighets Kyrka

The Kronohuset

Originally this building was shared by the Court of Appeal and the Wendes Artillery Regiment, now it is used for military purposes only.

Who doesn't love a skeleton in a green hat on St. Patty's day?

Death Masks for the Blue Man Group?

Talk about intimidating your neighbors!

Conditori Duvander established 1934

I needed something to warm up and this little café looked promising.

Only 39 Krona for Coffee and a Pariserbulle?

That's about $5.50 which is going to be way cheaper than Starbuck's in Camarillo.

What's a Pariserbulle you ask? Think flaky cream puff only MUCH better and, yes, it is counterproductive to all the walking I'm doing.

Farmer's Market Vegetables

Farmer's Market Flowers

Beats me!

Ladies Eating Lunch

Kristianstad claims to be the cradle of the Swedish film industry!

A Gynecologist's worst nightmare!

Big news today in the Swedish media. In order try to stabilize the economy, the government here is going to close down any and all stores that specialize in Guld and Silver for three months in June, July and August!

A bold economic move sure to frustrate Laurie when she is here this Summer!





Hej Koreen!

First it was skateboarders,
now its a Skateboard Shop

"They went that-a-way!"

European cities are ALL about rich colors

Jason's Sacred Açai Berry Juice!

Inside a bottle of this magical elixir costs 275 Krona, about $39. I don't deserve to be that healthy so I passed.

PETA be damned, its cold outside!

The Tivoli Park Theater

Gnarled Trees

Its cold, you're naked so you're riding a snail?

Talk about Mighty Ducks!

The Fornstugan

Built in the idealised Viking style of Sweden's "National Romantic" movement, it was a museum but now is a cafeteria in the Summer.

The Old Savings Bank

It is now a very popular hotel.

Different . . .

To sum up Kristianstad, bigger city feel and a much larger and varied shopping area. I think Laurie will like it.

It was a very interesting afternoon of exploring, but now it was time to return to Hässleholm.

Pizzeria Valentino

Finally tried the Pizzeria that is the cornerstone of Icelandia's building.

I opted for a fusion of two of my favorites from Sicily, pizza and kebob . . . different.

Tomorrow, I continue to criss-cross (my favorite play by the way) Skåne as I'm hitching a ride with Frank Hilgers to the East coast town of Halmstad, population 56,000. Frank is a salesman and has offered to take me with him to some of the more interesting cities where he has clients.

The Adventure Continues . . .

Tomas Gustavsson's NorraSkåne article

Below is the link to the article from yesterday's interview and photo shoot, get out your Swedish dictionary:


JTwice said...

Big Giorgio...

Nice find on the Acai... I'm actually shooting an Acai commercial in Vancouver on Tuesday. A little different than just wandering around Euro-cities looking for trouble!

Secondly, nice pic in the paper! Dare I say, fisheye?


ps In the next week I'm trading my camera in for a bigger and better model and making the switch from Nikon to Canon. Get ready for 22.7 megapixels comin' at ya!

pps still laughing about the GYNO comment!

ppps Heather Linderman baby #2 on the way... and it's a BOY!

George said...

22.7 megapixels? Is the world ready for this?

Fisheye is the only true way to capture me.

Congrats Heather on another potential QB in the family!

Christian said...

Hey coach!
I wouldnt mind a copy of the pics from friday evening... Dont have many shots of the kids.

DPLassen said...

Just for the heck of it, I ran the article through Google translation, and was surprised to learn you practiced law in Sicily.

Here's the translation:

AMERICAN FOOTBALL. "I like it already with Hässleholm and people".

The difference of course, is monumental for the experienced American coach who in 36 years had their practicing lives in California and the last two seasons, practiced law in Sicily.
- Yes indeed, I have never needed to run such a pre-season training indoors as we explain the reasons must be here, "says Contreras.
- But the fact is that everything is good here in Hässleholm with nice people.

Until June 2007 Contreras was working as a teacher and football coach in American schools, but that there would be some years in Europe, he had seriously never imagined.
- I had a colleague and good friend who I coached team with during my last four years at college level.
- He always used to nag that we would end our careers with the football coach a few seasons in Europe and I thought well most that he had just nagged, "explains George Contreras.

- Immediately following our last game of the season he had a heart attack and died very tragically.
- So it was my job to implement this European adventure, even if it unfortunately had to be on their own.
They traveled first to Italy and Sicily coaching job in ligalaget Catania Elephants.

Barely eight weeks before the premiere match against Limhamn we are on Goinge Vallen with Hässleholms Hurricanes new coach, George Contrerars. Inches deep snow cover is still the plan and the wind is cold.
- But there is good, a green plane somewhere over here, laughing Contreras.
- After the second season where I felt like I had completed what I could and I was planning to stay home in

Camerillo, "said George Contreras, who after a while could not help but read the job requests online.
- And when I came to northern Europe, I had never been in so it had to be my next adventure, and here I am, therefore.

After ten days in Hässleholm, he can also be surprisingly much of the city.
- I walk a lot and likes to discover things - but what I had heard that the Swedes would be very withdrawn and not at all like the Italians who like to take personal contact.

And how do you experience the Swedes?
- Very friendly, hospitable anyway if you just start talking himself, laughs Contreras, who hope a lot of his time as coach in Sweden.
- I hope to teach a lot and put some impressions of the team's game and very positive is that there are already so many players who want to be with. We expect to have 35 to 40 players fighting for places on the team.

Biggest difference from the Italian league?
- Do make it to where we had three really good American imports that could build the game around, but here are the local guys who want to up and it feels extremely stimulating, think Contreras.
- In addition, there is a bet on a junior team and it is especially important for the club's future.

Even now, it is also clear that there will be a friendly match for the Hurricanes Hässleholm in Denmark against Fredrikssund Oaks on April 11.
- The problem is that we have been unable to train outdoors before then but there will be a good drivers through for us and it could be another couple of friendly matches before the series starts on May 9, says George Contreras.
- So there will be some exciting months ahead!