Saturday, March 13, 2010

One Week in Hässleholm

After Friday's light dusting of snow, Saturday was a perfectly crisp day to get out and see more of Hässleholm.

Swedish Pennant

Several homes in town fly these stylized pennants of the Swedish flag, very festive.

Another quaint Nordic home

Not crazy about being located on Kristianstadsvägen one of Hässleholm's busiest streets.

Historic Park Edifice

This park houses many traditional folklore buildings like this one in a museum like setting. The exhibits won't reopen until later this Spring.

Birds standing guard over the
Historical Park

Still too early for a game on the Pitch . . .

. . . but PERFECT for some Skateboarding!

Skateboarding in Sweden? Why not!

Just like in California, these youngsters opted for a public building, the Hässleholm City Hall steps to tempt fate.

I know CPR.

The reason I saw these acrobats was a lunch meeting at the Infinity Restaurant with some of our players who wanted to go over the playbook.

Veteran Frank Hilgers coaching up
two young Defensive Linemen

After lunch, we went to our training facility for about two hours to do some whiteboard work and review our current plays plus introduce the new things we are installing this week.

We had about 10 linemen show up for this impromptu get together. We ran through our blocking schemes and cleared up some confused minds. I love that the players keep wanting to meet and walk through on off days to get better.

They have a great work attitude.

The Red Wings

The Hertz sticker, which I had not noticed before, just adds to its mystique.

Alice in Wonderland

Johnny Depp does it again, a fine and versatile actor!

I attended the 6:30 p.m. showing at the local cinema. Two of the BIG PLUSES of Swedish life are TV and movies. If a show or movie is made in England or America, the language is still English and they simply add Swedish subtitles.

This really helps pass away the time.

Who is this guy?

Not knowing the routine, I got to the cinema about 20 minutes before showtime. My ticket, in a reserved seat that I got to select, cost 80 krona which equals $11.30, a bargain by U.S. standards.

I settled into my very comfortable (IKEA?) seat and had this face staring at me with tunes by Clannad and Enya softly playing in the surreal background until the movie trailers started exactly on time at 6:30 p.m.

Did I mention that Swedes are VERY punctual?

I liked this Tim Burton offering and recommend you see it Laurie. It was definitely different.

The Hemmakväll

I found this combination video/diet busting store on the walk home after the film.

I was strong.

One of three metal plates portraying scenes from Hässleholm's history.

Trains, kissing and Papa Hemingway sitting on a bench. I have no clue what the inscription says.

This just in from California . . .

Debi Murphy, caught on Spy Cam,
actually using a computer in her own home!

The truth IS stranger than fiction!!!


Johan said...

Hey coach! Welcome to Hässleholm and good luck with the team. I´ll be sure to come by and see you guys play when the season starts.

George said...


Thanks for supporting the Hurricanes!

Bring your friends to our games, we will entertain you for sure!!!