Friday, March 12, 2010

First Snow Day

I spent the morning reading and cooking up a pretty solid Hässleholm omelet, like a Denver omelet but different. It turns out that I'm a decent cook if given the chance which Laurie rarely does back home.

In the afternoon I experienced my first Nordic snowfall, California Lite but fun nonetheless.

I think we somehow angered Odin

I received my first piece of mail from Laurie today, a St. Patrick's Day card. It was postmarked only four days ago leading to today's Sicily vs. Sweden battle

Postal Service Review: Sweden is twice as fast as Sicily's although a trip to the post office in Sicily is worth an entire blog, not just a blogpost. ADVANTAGE SWEDEN

Post-practice Eateries: Ahh, how I miss Jonathan's, in Sweden everything is pretty much closed by 10:00 p.m. ADVANTAGE SICILY

After four categories, still tied 2-2.

Icelandia Exterior

The upper right corner flat is indeed Icelandia. Pizzeria Valentino is the establishment at ground level on the far left of our building.

Dinner with the Boesgaards

Tight End Alex Lilja and I were invited by Christian Boesgaard, our starting Right Guard, to a lasagna dinner at his flat.

Christian's Dinner Motto: "Eat Until You Feel Ashamed!"

I like this team.

Christian and his daughters at play

Christian was the Master Chef tonight. He speaks several languages and is very well read.

After dinner, Alex, Christian and I shared lively discussions about American culture and politics as well as going over the playbook to clear up areas of concern.

I love how coachable and eager to learn the Hurricanes are as a group.

6 year old Jasmine
3 year old Matilda
85 year old Mr. Burns

The girls were a riot! I held my own in a killer series of Thumb Wars.

Alex Lilja's puts on his
Game Face

Construction worker by day, Tight End by night. One of the many Hurricanes who is happy to be an American football player and can drive a car at night, in the snow, in -2˚Centigrade weather.

It was really a nice evening that I enjoyed immensly. It is always so nice to be invited into a player's home and get a chance to meet their family.



Michael Contreras said...

I've been told that Montgomery Burns is actually 104 years old!
I'm happy to see you are making friends with the boys.

George said...

The plastic surgery certainly fooled me!

Christian said...

Finally found it!

Both me and the kids had a great evening too and i went to bed smiling =) The kids enjoyed the thumbwar alot hehe