Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday's Walk


West Virginia cruises to the "Great Eight"

Even Mike and Mark's combined karma in the Carrier Dome was not enough for the Washington Huskies yesterday. The Dawgs (26-10) led 29-27 at the intermission, but in the second half the Moutaineers (30-6) got serious and won going away 69-56. A good year nonetheless.

It IS true I'm afraid!

David P. Lassen commented on yesterday's blog about never hearing of Swedish Waffles as opposed to being familiar with the very common Swedish Pancakes in America.

He then offered this cartoon by Tim Rickard in his "Brewster Rockit" series to fully explain the Swedish Waffle phenomenon to the uninitiated.

Cool Relief on the Resecentrum

That's Swedish for Transportation Center.

Hesslegårdens Golkklubb's
Ninth Fairway

Not quite ready to open yet but we're getting closer and the driving range IS open.

Speaking of which . . .

Our Center is Johan Persson and today his Dad, Mats, came by the flat to drop off this set of golf clubs for me to use this Spring and Summer.


I hope the sleeve of balls he also gave me survives the first hole.

We're walking, we're walking . . .

Another interesting edifice in Hässleholmsgården

Spring wild flowers are popping up all over the place!

I sat at this spot and read my Stieg Larsson book for about 30 minutes.

Later I stopped here for another reading break.

More VERY LOUD birds returning from Winter Break.

"Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief"

I decided to take in a movie tonight and had to pick between this movie and DreamWorks animated offering "Draktränaren", i.e., "How to Train Your Dragon".

When I arrived at the theater, there were a ton of small chidren waiting to see "Draktränaren", also I found out that it was in Swedish for the little kids, makes sense. So Percy Jackson here I come!

Now am a big fan of Greek mythology/history and have enjoyed several great films over the years on the subject like "The Odyssey", "Jason and the Argonauts", "Troy", "300" and of course the classic "Clash of the Titans". I would even put up the Coen Brothers interpretation of "The Odyssey", "O Brother Where art Thou" as worthy of viewing in this genre.

I got to watch Percy Jackson in the smallest theater I've ever been in, three rows and only 29 seats. Only three of us bought ducats to this film by Chris Columbus produced by 1492 Pictures. The clues were everywhere!

Percy Jackson? O.K. special effects but garbage from the three young leading actors and the dialog was simply ridiculous/laughable.

The only reason I'm giving it two thumbs down is that I don't have a third thumb.

Hässleholm Hurricanes News

We were scheduleded to have an indoors Inside Run Scrimmage with the Carlshamn Oakleaves Saturday at noon but they had to cancel at the last second today.

Offensively we probably are not ready yet as many of our linemen are still having trouble learning the playbook. We are holding a practice instead which we sorely need at this point.


Michael Contreras said...

The re-make of Clash of the Titans comes out today, the 26th of March in Sweden, and not until the 2nd of April in the U.S.!

cynthia said...

"I don't have a third thumb" Absolutely hilarious!! Rumor has it sometimes spongebob has the same effect on people!

Johan said...

I hate to tell you but, WVU rules! Let´s go Mountaineers!

George said...


We HAVE to talk!


Johan said...

Sure! Unless it´s an dark alley somewhere :-). And now, the Final Four for the first time since the days of Jerry West. Awesome!

(If you are serious about meeting up Tomas Gustavsson has the number for my cellphone)