Thursday, March 25, 2010

Swedish Waffles

As I write this, the NCAA East Regional Men's Basketball Tournament's "Sweet Sixteen" round is about to tip off with the Washington Huskies (26-9) facing #2 seed West Virginia (29-6) at Syracuse University's Carrier Dome.

What the . . .?

Somehow, inexplicably, two of the great luminaries of Husky wrestling history have somehow crossed paths at courtside in Syracuse!

On the left is Michael D'Antuono with Mark Johnson. What were the odds of this happening?


Meanwhile, back in the greater Hässleholm megalopolis . . .

We enjoyed a glorious Spring day with lots of sunshine and temperatures above 10˚C (50˚F)!

A light jacket was all I needed as I was summoned by Royal Decree to Castle Palmbrink for SWEDISH WAFFLES!!!

Mira decided that we should eat on the patio to really enjoy the weather!

Elin and Uffe used the kitchen window efficiently as it opens onto the patio.

Linna works her magic with
strawberry jam.

I thought the Swedish Waffles with bluebery jam were the greatest until later when Linna made me her favorite "salad and hazelnut soup" from the garden weeds with a dash of sand from the Royal Sandbox . . . YUM!

Ludvig Digs In!

Mira even got some of her waffles
IN her mouth.

Afterwards coffee with whipped cream and some of Uffe's home baked cinnamon buns, SUGAR RULES!!!

Another great afternoon with the Royal Family of Vinslöv!

I'm finished

I have now read all five of Dan Brown's enjoyable novels.

I rank this latest effort by Brown, "The Lost Symbol", as #3 in his Robert Langdon series behind "Angels and Demons" and "The DaVinci Code" in that order.

This brought an end to the two English language books I brought with me to read in Sweden. Now it was time to use my Library Card to check out my first book from the Hässleholm Biblioteken.

Since Laurie and I have both read Stieg Larsson's "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", I brought my copy with me to donate to the Biblioteken. I thought it was a nice gesture to add to their English language options.

WRONG! They said "No, thank you, we already have a copy." I predict that sometime soon I am going to mysteriously lose my copy somewhere in the Biblioteken.

My first two Biblioteken withdrawls

On the left is the three DVD set of the BBC's bizarre "Singing Detective" series.

On the right is Stieg Larsson's second novel, the followup to "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo".

Final stop before practice

This is the sign outside of the Outlet Store for IFK Hässleholm, the town's Division II men's Fotboll/Soccer team.

I entered full of promise in my desire to support our local squad by buying spirit items. I found a CD of team songs and a book commemorating the 2005 Centennial Season plus dozens of three packs of black sox with the team logo (all sizes 6 to 8 1/2).

Slim pickings and no purchases were the order of the day.

Another good turnout at the Hurricane's practice tonight with the defense continuing to shine. The offense is still struggling but we do show signs of life and improvement.

I was very proud of guard Johan Andersson tonight who really stepped his game up towards the end of the night in team work.


JTwice said...

I remember hearing sometime in early 2008 that, "Angels and Demons is the best book EVER." Don't even argue with that!

George said...

I vaguely remember that reference.

NOT the best book ever in MY opinion, just my favorite of Brown's three Langdon books.

I'm sure that Catholicism and Rome clouds my judgement on this one.

DPLassen said...

I'd heard of Swedish pancakes before, but not Swedish Waffles. Then I saw this comic strip (for March 26, in case the date has changed by the time you see it) and everything was made clear:

George said...

Good cartoon David!