Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Quiet Sunday

I decided to continue my intense training regimen while at the same time exploring my new home town.

Thanks to the fancy pedometer that my sister Linda gave me, I apparently logged five more miles today. YAHOO!!!

Police Headquarters

Always good to know where the law hangs out.

The Goverment Center for
Greater Hässleholm


Lots of interesting sculptures are scattered around the city.


How I felt after 8 hours of walking
in Copenhagen on Friday

Greta Garbo at the age of 12?

Down by the train station I found . . .

Two Sun Worshippers

Svenska Kyrkan
The Church of Sweden

This is by far the biggest and most impressive church in the downtown area but being the Church of Sweden it should be. They were advertising a concert inside the church scheduled for 6:00 p.m. featuring a group called Trio Gaudium. This trio consisted of three 27 year old Swedish female musicians.

Elin Fleischer played the clarinet, Gerda Holmquist was on the cello while Magdalena Prahl was the pianist. They played five classical songs including pieces by Brahms, Mozart and Bach.

They were a pleasure to hear, I am amazed how great they sounded in this large venue. How can three small people put out such wonderful, powerful and entertaining music?


Swedish natural beauty as I left the concert.

I had to hustle to walk to the other side of downtown to meet Jonas Grip. He runs a gym and I needed to see him about activating my gym membership. I know that this will send shock waves throughout Ventura County, but I am actually trying to improve my health.

Jonas, McDonald's and me make three!

I know, I know, Mickey D's is not exactly health food but Jonas and I were hungry and I didn't want to quit my former lifestyle cold turkey. We did make one concession as we opted for the baby carrots instead of French fries.

Small steps . . .

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