Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tomas Gustavsson and a Photo Shoot

My goal today was to walk to the Mölleröds Kungsgård about 6 kilometers to the west of Icelandia. This historical sight that I was searching for is a combination castle ruins and royal estate. The 17th Century castle was torched in 1678 and had bastions and an octagonal stair turret.

Could this wall be part of the Royal Estate?

My two hour walk today consisted of about 80 minutes of trudging through the snow.

As usual, it was uphill both ways.

At last, an informational map!

The trails are never ending and lack a lot basic information like . . . "WHERE AM I?"

At last, salvation is at hand! Nope, it did not clearly state where I was on the map so I kept trudging in what I thought was the correct direction.

Lost but still in a Winter Wonderland

"If a tree falls in the forest . . ."

I'm getting close to Hässleholm

I never did find Mölleröds Kungsgård and I had to get home in time for an interview with the ace sportwriter for the local newspaper, the NorraSkåne . . .

Tomas Gustavsson

We had a very good chat about the team, life in Sweden and sports in general. Tomas is a good guy who reminds me a lot in temperament of my favorite sportswriter back home, David P. Lassen.

Tomas even got me excited about going to the East coast seaside village of Mjällby to watch their Swedish Premier League team, AIF, play in what he lovingly referred to as his favorite stadium in the Skåne region of Sweden.

They play at home this Sunday at 3:00 p.m. against GAIS, weather permitting. If their field is not ready, they may move the game to Malmö on the West coast.

Home of the Hurricanes

After our interview, it was off to our game field to take some pictures for the article he is doing.

Interestingly, Tomas related to me that he once saw American 1960 Olympic Champion Sprinter, Wilma Rudolph compete in this very same stadium when he was a young man.

Wilma Rudolph

In Rome in 1960, she became the first American woman to win three Gold Medals in an Olympic Games. She won the 100 meters (11.0), the 200 meters (24.0) and anchored the winning 4 x 100 meters relay team (44.5).

More amazingly, she was the 22nd in a family of 24 children!!!!!!!!

Stefan Sandström

Good guy even if he did not want to trade one of his cameras for my Sony Cyber-shot.

He made me pose and move about but I could feel the wind in my hair as he skillfully worked me into the attitude he wanted of me.

Practice was down a little today as only 27 players were in attendance. Lots of players called in with colds/flu . . . imagine that in these conditions. Those who showed got better.


Laurie said...

PLEASE do not get lost and freeze to death!

DPLassen said...

Is the NorraSkåne hiring?

George said...

Not to worry, I ALWAYS stay on well worn paths.

Sorry David, they are downsizing.

Johan said...

Here´s a suggestion for finding Mölleröds Kungsgård. Take bus 531 towards Tyringe (leaves from the busstation next to the trainstation every hour at .05). Get off at the stop Finja By (is announced by voice and on prompter). On the other side of the road from the busstop where you get off is a road. Take that road and keep to the right so you get on the dirt road. It could be about a mile (US mile that is) and then you´ll reach Mölleröds Kungsgård. From there you could either go back towards Finja and catch the 531 back to Hässleholm (leaves every hour at about .42) or hike towards Hässleholm on the Skåneleden or Finjasjöleden. You´ll reach the trails by following the dirt road that will be on your right at Mölleröds Kungsgård. Close to Kungsgården is also a nice little lookout-tower bu the Finja lake.