Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Slow Tuesday

Sorry that yesterday's blog looked strange, I tried a "new and improved" blog option that would not allow me to control my editing. I'm now back on the old blog system, I hope it works!

Tuesday morning has now officially become my laundry day. A near disaster today when the community key to the big drying room was missing. Fortunately our one drying machine was accessible and my flat comes equipped with hangers, a shower curtain rod and a bathroom radiator so I survived. I've now got it down to about a three hour process.

That book on the left is familiar.

Yes, the Hässleholm Bibliotek has indeed accepted the Stieg Larsson book that I "lost" there last week.

Linus Nilsson warming up

"Hurricanes On Three!"

We had 28 players at practice tonight, we were missing two starters in the offensive line but we are definitely improving slowly but surely.

Off to explore Malmö in the morning, stay tuned!

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