Friday, March 19, 2010

A "Quiet" Friday

After a very busy week of exploring and practicing, I was happy to have a relatively quiet Friday.

First up was cappuccino and shopping in Hässleholm with Uffe and his daughter Mira.

I'm sure Mira could be cuter,
I just don't know how.

Mira "Digs In"

Like all the women I know, shopping usually means a stop at the jewelry counter.

Uffe hooked me up with another place to eat gratis on my Meal Plan

Spiderman Slot Cars

Our youngest son, Michael, grew up as a HUGE Spiderman fan. This sighting in the toy department reminded me how much I miss and love him.


That's what they call dinner tonight at Castle Palmbrink in Vinslöv.

Here, Uffe and Mira stock up on video rentals and other necessary supplies for the big weekly event.

Spring Thaw

I'm starting to see less and less snow and more green grass as the temperature hit a balmy 9˚C (49˚F).

It rained a little today so that definitely helps the thawing process.

The only problem with the rain is the "Frozen Tundra of Hässleholm, Sweden", nowhere for the water to go but to possibly flood lower areas of the countryside.

After saying good bye to Uffe and Mira, I decided to take advantage of my Meal Plan for the first time.

Why so long for me to take advantage of free food you ask?

Simple, everybody here is so nice to me that they are constantly picking up the tab or inviting me to their homes for dinner.

Lets attack the Chili Thai Restaurang
Buffet Line!

I only went through the line ONCE!

Sweden has made me a changed man!

After lunch I crossed the street to the local supermarket where a man came up to me in the parking lot and said "You were in the newspaper yesterday, Valkommen to Hässleholm!"

That was nice.

A quick visit to the apotek, pharmacy, with the team doctor to refill a prescription that Laurie sent last week that has not arrived and it was then over to Johan Persson's flat for coffee and cookies.

At Johan's, I met his significant other, the lovely Mariana.

Also at Johan's we met with DB Henrik Andersson for another 30 minute playbook review. The questions and answers just keep on coming.

From Johan's, it was off to the train station to catch the 4:43 to Vinslöv to cash in on my invitation to TACO FRIDAY!

Once at Castle Palmbrink we got on line to order my ticket to . . .

GAIS at Mjällby
15:00, Sunday, 21 March, 2010
Section R, Row 1, Seat 18

This will be Mjällby's first home match in an Allsvenskan Premier League contest in over 20 years as I understand it.

If you need me Sunday from 15:00 to 18:00 go to Strandvallen Stadium, it should be rocking!

Your 2010 Mjällby AIF!!!

Mira, Linna and Ludvig
in a rare quiet moment

Linna continued my Swedish lessons as I learned the words for the tableware, utensils and all the fixin's for Elin's delicious soft tacos.

Swan Lake

Of course there was a floorshow included with dinner as Linna was a one woman tour-de-force in her adaptation of Tchaikovsky's timeless ballet!

Such a quiet calm day . . .

Who the heck is
Rodney Carrington?


DPLassen said...

I can't wait to hear a comparison of Swedish and Italian soccer fans. I make the Italians a prohibitive favorite in the smoke-bomb and Vespa-throwing categories.

Michael Contreras said...

Can I take out an add on Majällby's jerseys? Perhaps the left armpit?

DPLassen said...

Michael, I wasn't sure if that was a soccer team or a group photo of NASCAR drivers.

JTwice said...

Rodney Carrington = Christie's FAVORITE comedian

(Redneck Country Humor)

George said...


We watched his "Live at the Majesty" show last night with Uffe and Elin.

Why have I not heard of him before this.

I had to learn of this hilarious Country singer/comedian from my new Swedish friends . . . it just seemed a bit strange.

George said...

DP and Mike,

Full debriefing tomorrow, I did purchase some emergency riot gear just in case.

And yes, it pays to advertise!