Monday, March 15, 2010

Dinner at Castle Palmbrink

I started the day as usual with a 90 minute trek but this time through some new territory on the Skåneleden Trail to the west of Icelandia.


The well worn snow path

Kind of like walking in sand at the beach only without the Speedo.

Reserved for Laurie and me on our
first picnic in June.


This area is now a youth hostel and recreation center that occupies the site of a manor house first mentioned in documents from 1382!

Hässleholmsgården again

Looks like a barn to me.

Hässleholmsgården yet again

Nice wall.

Only a 10 minute stroll from Icelandia

The 10th Hole Tee Box

Par 5, 490 yards or meters or OH GOD, NOT SWEDISH MILES!

I asked in the clubhouse about a morning tee time for tomorrow and they gave me a rather odd look. They then said something about April but I'm not sure what that was all about.

7 Eleven Swedish Style

Another Round of Hässleholm Sculptures

"I'm Walking, Yes Indeed, I'm Walking . . ."

I wonder if the Flux Capacitor
could work here?

Dinner at Castle Palmbrink

I was invited to dinner by Uffe and Elin tonight. It was my first opportunity to meet . . .

Mira 4, Linna 6 and Ludvig 2

Ludvig was so hungry that, much to Mira's delight, he started to eat his toy car.

P.S. Cool shirt Ludvig!

Elin's dinner strategy was simple but sound,
seat the three kids as far apart
from each other as possible.

A delicious rice and chicken casserole hit the spot followed by a sinful chocolate cake with raspberries and a sweet white sauce.

An Irish coffee was the perfect way to end a really nice family evening with this outstanding family.

After dinner Linna did her best to help me learn how to count to 10 in Swedish but she pretty much lost me with the bedtime story she read to me.

All the people here are SO nice and have really Välkommened me with open arms. TACK!


Michael Contreras said...

1.21 jigo-watts!!!

George said...

It COULD happen I reckon!