Thursday, March 18, 2010

Road Trip to Halmstad

On Thursday, I got an early start as I had accepted an invitation from veteran lineman Frank Hilgers to ride with him as he saw some of his clients in the Halland County city of Halmstad.

Halmstad is located on the West Coast of Sweden about 60 miles Northwest of Hässlholm. It sits on the Straights of Kattegatt that separate Sweden from Denmark.

Welcome to Halmstad!

Frank dropped me of in the Old City Center while he drove around town visiting his business contacts. I had about two and a half hours to sight see before we reunited for lunch and the drive home.

Upsweep Pass?

Brian, I'm trying to teach your controversial relay pass but I think I'm doing something wrong?

The Halmstad Optimist Club Meets Here

I can't come up for any other reason for these cafés to have their outdoor seating areas set up on this raw, foggy day.

Nice Balconies

Norre Port Guard

So long as the wind DOES NOT blow,
I'll be O.K.

The Norre Port

This was the traditional Northern entry point to the Old City of Halmstad built in 1605.

Eerie Tree

Andy Panda

Andrew is our oldest son, these etchings in a restaurant widow reminded me how much I miss and love him!

St. Nikolai Kyrka

One big church per day, MAX, that's it!

Flying Ship

It is a church in a port city afterall.

I love heraldry

Interesting Pulpit

Wood working never ceases to amaze me.

A Woman, a Man and a . . . Skull???

Frozen Ship

The Halmstad Slott

A Slott is a castle. This one was completed in 1615 in the style of our old friend Danish King Christian IV. Denmark ruled Southern Sweden at the time.

They don't make doors like this anymore!

Halmstad Slott Clock Tower

Prime the Pump!

The Danish Lion?

Halmstad Slott Courtyard

I wonder how long this paving stone has been here?

The Spring Thaw is near!

For you Grandpa Bill

Big Fountain in the Main Square

Shot Putter from days of yore?

I'm sure that there is a GREAT story behind this!

Anybody out there know what it is?

"Midnight in Moscow"

A loud and very talented four man band was braving the weather. They were playing this and many other great tunes.

Who is Hertig Knut?

Skånskan Bakery

The baked goodies looked good but I was strong!

En cappuccino, god. Tack.

The Skåneskan Bakery had such a
European feel to it for some reason.

I wonder what Joe Mollica is up to?

A building with bulges and depressions

The clock was nearing noon and my lunch reunion with Frank.

He had sandwiches from home plus spare ribs that he just bought at a store.

We were now talking my first ever . . .

. . . Swedish Winter Beach Picnic!!!

Where the tall grass stops and the fog begins are the waters of the Straight of Kattegatt, only 20 meters from our picnic table.

Picnic, Snow, Surf . . . AWESOME!!!

RB Tim Eriksson

As we were driving back to Hässleholm, Tim called about getting together at my flat to clear up some confusion he had about the playbook. We worked for about two hours before practice and it finally started to make some sense to him.

Andre Sjölund, Offensive Tackle

We had our best and most spirited practice of the season this evening as over 30 players were present!

Unfortunately we suffered a huge blow as our starting tackle, Andre Sjölund suffered a broken leg just as practice was coming to a close. He had been working very hard and I had been very impressed by both his effort and ability to learn.

Tough loss.

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Accordians? Sweden? Brings back wonderful memories of my youth!!