Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm Back!

Interesting reactions today after not blog posting yesterday.

Many here were afraid that I had either met with foul play or had a heart attack. Those were the only possible reasons that they could come up with for my missing a day of blogging!

In fact, I just finished the last two episodes of "Band of Brothers" and the "Extras" DVD that came with the box set. I also did a lot of reading in Dan Brown's newest tome, "The Lost Symbol". Thus, I really didn't have a whole lot to report so I took a day off.

It happens.

Did you know that my favorite Allsvenskan Premier League, Mjällby AIF, has an Official Team Photographer?

Well, they do and her name is Lena Sandberg. She stumbled onto my blog and wanted to get one of my pictures for her blog.

You can find her interesting blog about MAIF at http://askadaren.blogspot.com/

After giving Lena the OK to use my picture, she sent me a few pictures from Sunday's MAIF match where she caught me in action at the game.

Is that me?

Nice personal touch, Lena.

As I said, in Sweden it is
a physical style of Fotboll

Yes it is! Note my intensity on the left above the "MMB" sign.

Here Lena catches me in my role as Jack's son in one of those Jack-in-the-Box commercials

Thanks Lena, I hope to meet you soon.

Monday's Walk

I took the longest walk to date yesterday, a little over six miles. Most of it was on a very busy main road named Kristianstadvägen. Lots of cars and trucks blowing by me of course.

These dogs were quiet and non-responsive to any of this stimulus until I quietly walked by them. Then you would have thought that the Danish Army was invading Skåne one more time just for old time's sake!!!

I survived.

Does the Spring thaw mean moles/gophers?

Vällkommen to Greater Hässleholm!

Today, before going to the Buffet Lunch at the Zuper Bowl with Jonas Grip, we went by our home stadium, Göingvallen, to pick up some equipment for some of our new Junior players.

Tight Göingvallen Security

Göingvallen Stadium

Now exactly one week ago today, I came to this very same field for a photo shoot for the article that Tomas Gustavsson was writing for our local newspaper NorraSkåne.

Seven days ago we had to trudge through over a foot of snow to get near the goal posts, I didn't even know that there was an all-weather track under all of that snow!

We are thawing quickly as you can see.

Jonas in the Football Equipment Shed

The original Red Wings decal on the white helmet, the yellow helmet displays the newer version.

The defunct Red Wings were a local team before the creation of the Hurricanes.

Herr Frisör

Jonas, I find out more every day, is a big mover and shaker in these parts. If you need anything, he is the one who can get it done!

I mentioned that I needed a beard trim and a haircut. We were at this barber shop, Herr Frisör, owned by Lena who is Jonas' Mother-in-Law in about thirty seconds. WOW!

Lena, my barber
Not Lena the MAIF Photographer

She is a very good barber as it turns out, quick too.

Ben Todd as a small child?

Another good practice tonight.

Football is all about enthusiasm and effort, we've got a lot of that here in Hässleholm!


DPLassen said...

Apparently you're more intimidating than most of us realized, since no one would sit within three rows of you.
Nice photos, though.

George said...

INTIMIDATION, that's the name of my game!

Actually I moved over one section so I would have room to spread out in the only section in this endzone that was not packed.

I'm built for comfort.