Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Band of Brothers" Saturday Marathon

For years now, our son Andy has been hounding me to watch HBO's World War II tribute "Band of Brothers" produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg in 2001.

I have not had the opportunity to watch this highly acclaimed ten part series until . . .

Johan Persson

The Hurricanes starting Center and a budding industrial chemicals salesman by day, he may be a black market DVD distributor given the size of his DVD collection!

My first week in Sweden, Johan lent me his box set of

Finally Andy, I'm with you!

Each episode is an hour long and due to my busy social schedule, I had only seen the first four episodes until today.

Today I made the effort to stay home and watch the next four GREAT episodes titled "Crossroads", "Bastogne", The Breaking Point" and "The Last Patrol". It made for serious afternoon of excellent cinematography!

Only two more episodes plus the required Extra Material DVD to go. I agree with both Andy and Johan, GREAT SERIES!

Meanwhile, back in the USA it was March Madness, the NCAA Division I Men's College Basketball Tournament.

Quincy Pondexter
University of Washington Guard

The Huskies were one of only two PAC-10 teams, California was the other one, selected to play in this year's 65 team meat grinder.

The UW was seeded #11 in the East Regional with their game being played in San Jose, California. The only thing that I can imagine is that the Arena is located in East San Jose.

The Huskies faced Marquette, the #6 seed in the East. The UW's Quincy Pondexter hit a shot with 1.7 seconds left in the game as the Huskies upset Marquette in a thriller 80-78.

As I write this blogpost, the UW (25-9) is about three hours away from tipping it off against the East Regional #3 seeded New Mexico Lobos (30-4).


A nearby Nursery

I only put in about 4 miles walking in town today. This nursery is very near to Icelandia. Laurie loves gardening and I'm sure we will have several potted plants from here on our window sills come Summer.

Small Farmers Market

Hässleholm is quiet during the week but on Saturday mornings and early afternoons people are definitely out shopping.

On Saturdays the stores stay open until only 3:00 p.m. and they are closed on Sundays explaining the hustle and bustle today.

I bought a nice warm coat today at half price on my wanderings today, perfect for the Mjällby match tomorrow!

Laurie's Favorite Symbol is the Heart

I purchased these flowers and the Heart today.

Under my care, the flowers should all be dead by Wednesday but my love for Laurie will still be strong on Friday.

My Growing Swedish Art Collection

Both are artist ORIGINALS!

On the left, the work of Linna Palmbrink while Jasmine Boesgaard's artistry is on the right.

Lots of blond models here for some reason.

Don't ask about the refrigerator magnet.


DPLassen said...

What's the deal with the refrigerator magnet?

George said...

When Jasmine Boesgaard gave me her drawing at her Dad Christian's flat, I said I would put it up on my 'frigerator as soon as I bought a magnet.

Christian gave me this weird skull x-ray one right then. It kind of balances the innocence of the girl's drawings, don't you think.