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Unified Sports Track Meet and Some Odds and Ends

Tue.-Thur., April 30-May 2, 2024
We start with some news of our grandkids' latest exploits . . .

The Ventura County Youth Track Conference
posted the results of Mary's JV Finals

She did well in her two running events as it turned out.

In the 100 Meters Dash, she ran a time of 18.42 just 0.01 off of her all-time best.

The 200 Meters Dash saw Mary attain a Personal Record (PR) of 41.81, 0.12 second faster than she had ever covered that distance.

Her Long Jump of 6'-7 1/4" was well below her best effort this season.

Still, she enjoyed a good Camarillo Cosmos track season with lots of PRs along the way.


Mary's Cosmos track photo
was a good one

So was Jacob's

Two more medals for Jacob

Two ACADEMIC Achievement Medals

These medals finally came from the Camarillo Stingers football organization on Wednesday in honor of Jacob's 4.00 GPA in each of the last two seasons.

When one considers that Jacob is involved with youth football, basketball and track while also playing flag football and soccer for his middle school and taking piano lessons to boot, his GPA is amazing!

The fact that it took a year and five months to finally receive his 2022 medal, and five months since the end of the 2023 campaign to get that medal may give you some insight as to why no one has ever accused the Camarillo Stingers of being a highly organized.


Meanwhile, on the playing fields of Las Vegas . . .

On Thursday, Kevin, in blue on the
left, was back in action on the pitch

His Canarelli Middle School Colts were playing their final regular season game at home against the Johnson Junior High School Eagles.

When the two schools played three weeks ago, the Colts won 5-1.

What would today bring?

The Colts had a tougher time
of it as it turned out

It was a struggle but the Colts eked out a 3-2 victory to close out their regular season.

2024 Canarelli M.S. Colts
11 Wins - 3 Losses

There may be some post-season playoffs but no one knows for sure.


The Unified Games annual track
meet took place on Thursday

Our son Michael is one of the coaches
for Newbury Park's team

The United Sports program combines many Special Ed students with some General Ed athletes who then compete in a wide variety of sports during the academic year.

Thursday's track meet was held at Camarillo H.S. with ten schools competing.

These ten schools were the Buena Bulldogs, Camarillo Scorpions, Fillmore Flashes, Hueneme Vikings, Newbury Park Panthers, Oxnard Yellowjackets, Pacifica Tritons, Rio Mesa Spartans, Thousand Oaks Lancers and . . .

. . . my personal favorite, the
Anacapa Seadogs!

I like their logo

A big Panther heaving the shot

This is fun!

Too cool to wear a Panthers uniform

He does look sharp indeed in that shirt.

This could be a mighty toss

A low release but to some
AWESOME music I'm sure

Michael trying to coach this youngster up

Got it, buddy?

Micheal cringing at his low release,
oh well . . .

Every hair in place while competing

Bringing in the lefty

She placed second in the shot put

Those nails can be problematic
in this event

For safety reasons, a few athletes
used a softball rather than a shot

Smiles like this one are what
United Sports are all about

Michael cheering on the Panthers
4 x 100 Meters Relay team

What does she know that we don't?

The Anacapa team had a
unique anchor leg

There they go as the Seadog who
passed the baton quickly gets her
all-important sunglasses back on

Another Panthers team with a picture
perfect slow speed baton pass

Bookin' on the Second Leg of the
Boys 4 x 100 Meters Relay

Looking really good entering
the relay's Third Leg curve section

This Newbury Park athlete easily
won the 400 Meters Dash

He looked strong going into and
eventually coming out of the curve


On to global football news . . .

In Italy the two undefeated teams,
the Ancona Dolphins and Varese
Skorpions, meet on Sunday

Sharp Italian game week poster
Marines (2-4) vs. Giaguari (2-4)

Bart Iaccarino's Trappers (4-1)have
a tough one vs. the combined
Modena Vipers Hogs (4-1) in
Italian DII play on Sunday

In Italian DIII/9FL play it's the
Catania Elephants (4-0) vs. the
Crotone Achei (2-2) on Saturday

Britain's best club games this
weekend but as for me . . .

. . . any Cambridge vs. Oxford
collegiate game, in any sport,
would be my choice

Go Pythons, Beat the Lancers!

Our old French club, the Falcons
an angry looking Rhino this week

A big game in Bogotá if you
happen to be in Colombia on Sunday

Mexico is a HOTBED of women's football!

Mexico's Men's football teams
are also top notch!

Mexico's Atizapan Halcones Rojos
seemingly have a tough weekend
ahead of them

As near as I can tell from the logos, they play the Arizona State Sun Devils on Friday and . . . 

. . . the Oregon Ducks on Saturday

WOW, talk about a tough non-conference schedule!

Also in Mexico, the pro game between
the Iztacalo Mexicas (5-2) and the
Saltillo Dinos (3-4) is being hyped

Of course Egypt's National Flag Football
squad is known as the Pharaohs

Finally . . .

Jacob's love of Marine Biology
led me to this interesting creature

If memory serves me correctly, this species had a bit part in Walt Disney's classic 1954 film, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

I might be wrong.

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