Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Laurie and Her New "Spirit of 76"

Mon. & Tues., May 6-7, 2024
Not a whole lot to report of a Monday devoted solely to breaking down and analyzing video of the Varese Skorpions big win on Sunday over the Ancona Dolphins.

Tuesday on the other hand, was something else altogether!

It was my pensive bride's birthday!

Mary made a special Birthday Tiara
for Gigi and crowned her this morning

As Laurie has been a source of strength, guidance, love and care for all who know her, I thought we would take a look at some of her travels and exploits.

A LOVELY bride that became . . .

. . . a GREAT wife and mother
Thank goodness that she LOVES sports
in general and football in particular!

Years later walking on the beach
in Carpinteria with Andrew

Two Hippies, Laurie and Michael

The role of Grandmother fits her well

With Kevin back then . . .

. . . and now

A post-track meet meal with Jacob
at El Tecolote Mexican Restaurant

Dressing up in red with Mary

Parisian Laurie is a coquette

We have shared wonderful times
in the City of Lights

Venice also has seen many
a good time over the years

In Palermo she REALLY got wild!

A serene moment in Rome

At times, like here in Sicily,
she has needed body guards

Persuasive with her famed
Gift of Gab, she even talked me into
wearing this hideous Christmas sweater

I am so happy that she dragged me
to her favorite Paris haunt, Montmartre

European dining with Laurie
is always a special treat

Oh how she LOVES to shop
for shoes of all sorts
Ever the supportive coach's wife
regardless of . . .
. . . the weather conditions

Celebrating on the field after winning
the 2013 French National Championship

Quite the dish on a Mexican cruise
ship's Formal Dinner Night

We have indeed spent a lot
of quality time in Paris

We put in an offer to buy this
Spanish castle but were outbid
by the Sultan of Brunei

I would drink Italian coffee with
her any time, any place

Oh how she loves dressing up for
the Dia de los Muertos festivities

There's always Barcelona . . .

Her traditional birthday churros at
dinner with Brian and Koreen
FitzGerald at Finney's Crafthouse

That's my girl!

Happy 76th birthday Laurie. Wishing you many more years and adventures together.

As we were celebrating Laurie's big day, grandson Kevin was playing in his first middle school soccer playoff game in Las Vegas.

His Canarelli M.S. Colts (11-3) had played against eight different middle or junior high schools in the regular season.

The Colts post-season, single elimination Las Vegas M.S./J.H.S. Championship Tournament would bring together the best eight teams of the 49 M.S./J.H.S. in the Clark County Unified School District.

The competition looked to be fierce as the Colts opening, quarterfinal game was against a school, whose name I do not know, that was sporting a perfect 12-0 record.

All of the playoff games, both boys and girls, were being played at one of Las Vegas' exclusive, well manicured soccer complexes. 

How would the excellent field conditions affect the game?

Kevin in white running
down a loose ball

As it turned out, the playing conditions were much to the Colts advantage as they used their speed and deft passing ability to forge a 3-0 Halftime lead.

The Colts opponents did not handle trailing in a game well at all as two yellow cards and a red card attested.

Kevin on the ball again

First, Andrew needs to invest in a new cell phone for all of our photographic needs.

The Second Half was more of the same as the Colts (12-3) advanced to the tournament's semi-final game on Wednesday by winning today, 6-1.

Andrew told us that Kevin may have played his best defensive game of the season today. It sounds like all of the Colts hit their stride today!


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