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Cinco de Mayo Sunday and Global American Football Updates

Sunday, Cinco de Mayo, 2024
Today America uses a relatively minor victory by Mexican forces over the army of the Second French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862 as an excuse to drink to excess.

While huge in the USA, Cinco de Mayo is a small blip on the busy Mexican social calendar.

Cinco de Mayo is a somewhat feeble attempt by our country to celebrate Mexican-American culture.

In my opinion, a much more fitting and lasting tribute to Mexican-American culture is our weekly Taco Tuesday feast.

If only we could elect a President
that would ensure a taco stand
on every corner of America

Another two days until another
Taco Tuesday celebration!

But I digress . . .


Thus we'll start our review of the weekend's global American Football results in the fair city of Varese, Italy . . .

Good weather was the norm for
all four Italian DI games

The Battle of the DI Undefeated

The Varese Skorpions (5-0) hosting
the Ancona Dolphins (5-0)

It was a nail biter but . . .

. . . the Skorpions did it again!

6-0 is a GOOD thing!

Milano Rhinos (2-4) vs.
Firenze Guelfi (4-1)

What if the Rhinos were as good on the field as their graphic?

The Guelfi flexed their muscles again

Parma Panthers (3-2) vs.
Legnano Frogs (2-4)


A big upset of the defending IFL Champions by the Frogs. This score brought back fond memories of coaching in the IFL back in 2008 and 2009 with the Catania Elephants.

In those long ago games holding a team to only 50 points would have made their coach a Defensive genius.

Lazio Marines (2-4) vs.
Torino Giaguari (2-4)

The Marines are coming alive while
the Giaguari have now lost five straight

Italian Football League Standings
1. Varese Skorpions 6-0
2T. Ancona Dolphins 5-1
Firenze Guelfi 5-1

4. Parma Panthers 3-3
5T. Lazio Marines 3-4
Legnano Frogs 3-4

7T. Milano Rhinos 2-5
Torino Giaguari 2-5
9. Bologna Warriors 0-6

There will be no IFL games played next weekend.

Italian Football League Schedule
Saturday, May 18, 2024
Ancona Dolphins (5-1) at Firenze Guelfi (5-1)
Lazio Marines (3-4) at Parma Panthers (3-3)

Sunday, May 19, 2024
Bologna Warriors (0-6) at Varese Skorpions (6-0)

Legnano Frogs (3-4), Milano Rhinos (2-5)
and Torino Giaguari (2-5)

There are only two weekends of action left in the 2024 IFL season including this one so the Dolphins (5-1) at Guelfi (5-1) game is a big one with massive post season implications.

The top six teams at the end of the regular season will make the playoffs with the top two seeds earning all-important First Round byes.

Here is a quick look at the remaining schedules for the three teams in line for those top two seeds:

Varese Skorpions (6-0)
May 19th vs. Bologna Warriors (0-6)
May 26th vs. Milano Rhinos (2-5)

Ancona Dolphins (5-1)
May 18th at Firenze Guelfi (5-1)
Mat 25th vs. Torino Giaguari (2-5)

Firenze Guelfi (5-1) 
May 18th vs. Ancona Dolphins (5-1)
May 25th vs. Parma Panthers (3-3)

It must be noted that the Varese Skorpions 6-0 record is a tribute to their grit, hard nosed attitude, superior Special Teams play and inspired coaching by Head Coach Nick Holt and his staff.

I say this because of their dramatic, cardiac arrest inducing victorious games vs. their three top rivals.

The Skorpions have beaten the 5-1 Firenze Guelfi 7-0, the 5-1 Ancona Dolphins 21-20 and the 3-3 Parma Panthers 38-34.

That is three big wins by a total of only 12 points!

See what I mean by grit, attitude, Special Teams and inspired coaching?

Great Graphics for a DII Italian game
Padova Saints (4-1) vs. Brescia Bengals (5-0)
Make that the 6-0 Brescia Bengals

Coaching friend Bart Iaccarino's Cecina Trappers came up short against the Modena Vipers in another DII fracas.

On to Italian DIII/9FL action . . .

Excellent Graphic
Salerno Eagles (1-3) vs.
Napoli Brigante 82ers (1-3)

Again, if the teams were just as powerful as their graphics . . .

82ers Pride!

Perfection continues for the
Catania Elephants over Crotone Achei

The Roma Legioari easily
dispatched the Imola Ravens

Our former Catania Elephants WR/SS Fortunato "Lucky" Camarda, is doing a great job as Roma's coach!

Las Rozas Black Demons
Rulers of Spain again

The Osos Rivas and Las Rozas Black Demons have now met in the last three Spanish Bowls with the Black Demons winning Spanish Bowls XXIX and XXX.

A busy weekend in DI France

The new French DI Standings

Our old Falcons team in
France remains undefeated

The men from Bron-Villeurbanne travelled to Switzerland to beat the combined squads of the Riviera Saints and Monthey Rhinos with no difficulty.

The French football scene has
LOTS of teams playing

Nothing is meaner than a berserk
French Licorne, a.k.a., Unicorn!

A HUGE win the Netherlands!

The Rotterdam Trojans (5-1) upset the Dutch circuit's Bad Boys, the Amsterdam Crusaders (5-1).

In Swedish U17 play, our former
team, the Wäsby Warriors lost,
36-19, to the Carlstad Crusaders

Danube Dragons - 17
Prague Black Panthers - 14

Due to their total dominance in the Czech League for many years, the Prague club opted to become part of the much more robust and challenging Austrian Football League about six years ago.

The San Jose Toros are the Champions
of Costa Rica for the seventh time

The Toros defeated the San Jose Leones, 42-16, to claim the crown once more.

In Hungary, the Bulldogs could not
pull off the upset over the Titanss

The final score was Budapest 32 - Újpest 13.

Swinging back around to Cinco de Mayo . . .

The Mexican Pro League regular
season is almost finished

So, how crazy did we get on this
Cinco de Mayo Sunday you may ask?

Not too crazy

Laurie's delicious Tamale Pie made for a perfect meal.

We each enjoyed our dinner with
a frosty Dos Equis Mexican beer

This was as wild as it gets at our advanced ages.

We close with this Mexican History quiz . . .

El Guapo!


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