Thursday, May 9, 2024

End of the Las Vegas Soccer Season and LOTS of Football Updates

Wed. & Thurs., May 8-9, 2024
We will start this post with news from the Las Vegas middle school soccer scene . . .

Grandson Kevin's Colts were in the
Semi-Finals of the Las Vegas Middle
School Soccer Championship Tournament

Canarelli M.S. (12-3) was up against the Smith M.S. Scorpions, record unknown.

The game was as close as anticipated and, as usual, we relied on Andrew for updates.

At the Half Time break, it was all knotted up at 1-1.

The Second Half was equally as tight with the game still tied, 2-2, at the end of regulation.


Sudden Death Overtime at that.

The Colts were called for a hand ball, giving the Scorpions a Penalty Kick.

A Scorpion shot and scored. The Final score of 3-2 moved Smith M.S. into the Championship Game on Thursday.

The Colts finished their year with a record of 12-4.

We are so proud of Kevin's efforts this season as a Sixth Grader on a Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade team.


Lots of activity on the global football front . . .

CEFL Quarter-Finals this weekend

While the Italian Football League has no games scheduled this coming weekend, a pair of IFL teams will still be in action in the Central European Football League tournament.

The records listed are each team's current record in their respective DI national leagues.

Italy's Firenze Guelfi (5-1) will play Austria's Danube Dragons (3-2) in our first CEFL Quarter-Final.

A good looking graphic for next CEFL game

This next Quarter-Final contest will be between France's Flash de La Courneuve (5-1-1) and Sweden's Stockholm Mean Machines (4-0).

Abondance Cheese CEFL Bowl Game

Another French team, the Thonon Black Panthers (2-3-1), play another Austrian club, the Graz Giants (5-1), in this Quarter-Final.

The final CEFL Quarter-Final

The Calanda Broncos (5-0) have been the dominant team in Switzerland for over a decade while the Parma Panthers (3-3) are the defending Italian Champions.

There are more non-CEFL international games on the week's agenda.

Team Denmark vs. Team Germany
should be quite physical

This Under 19 game matching Team Italy
vs. Team France should be a dandy

Last weekend we had one of these international games played in Ashland, Oregon.

Japan's Kwansei Gakuin Fighters at
Southern Oregon University Raiders

They have some history from long ago

Southern Oregon is an NAIA school and is allowed to play in  this exhibition game with their 2023 Seniors in uniform if they want to join in on the fun.

Southern Oregon's quaint stadium
on a rainy game day

SOU's RB Gunner Yates scored five TDs
leading the Raiders to a 54-24 victory

The current standings in the
Netherlands top circuit
Italian DIII/9FL Rankings

It's good to see the Catania Elephants ranked #1 in the South.

Italian DII Rankings made
up of six excellent teams

Italy's DI Rankings . . .

. . . are pretty much . . .

. . . the same as the actual standings

France's DI appears to have only
two really good squads this season

The Bron-Villeurbanne Falcons finished
French Regional play at 8-0!

Mont-Saint-Guibert Turtles
are the class of Belgium's DI


A competitive Polish DI game

Silesia Rebels (2-1) vs. Warsaw Eagles (2-1)

Perhaps a somewhat less
artistic Polish DI contest

Warsaw Mets (1-2) vs. Białystok Lowlanders (0-3)

A mismatch in Belgium's DI?

Brussels Black Angels (3-1) vs. Kasteel Nitro's (0-4)

France's DIII playoffs start in two weeks

Nice graphic about one of those
French DIII playoff games

The United Kingdom's Women's
Tackle Football loop is about . . .

. . . to start in three groups . . .

. . . with 14 teams competing

Spain's Serie B playoffs continue
this coming weekend

Terrassa Reds (7-0) vs. Valencia Firebats (5-2)
Pinto Goldbats (6-1) vs. Valencia Giants (6-1)

An Italian DIII/9FL game graphic

Cirié Blitz (1-3) vs. Cagliari Crusaders (3-1)

Big collegiate international
doings in Japan on Sunday

In this interesting Pacific Rim match-up, Japan's Yonsei University Eagles will be hosting South Korea's Soongsil University Crusaders.

A Division Semi-Final in Mexico

We spent a lot of time on the Chapingo campus practicing with our Europe Warriors U19 team in 2017. GO TOROS SALVAJES!

Another Mexican Division's Semi-Final

A gamos is a fallow deer which is indeed a beautiful animal but I'll take the much fiercer Olmecas in this one based on mascots alone.

Odds and ends from the net . . .

I absolutely LOVE those
1941 ticket prices!

I could bring four of us to the game on those 55¢ tickets or treat myself alone to one of those $2.20 Box Seats.

Tough economic choice!

Laurie does a lot of knitting, hmmm . . .

I've been a hostage on more
than one occasion over the years

Barbecue AND Tacos together would
be MUCH more than just a start
An integral part of my youth
that I still love to this day!

"Hokey smoke, Bullwinkle!"

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