Sunday, May 5, 2024

Some Moving, Some Shaking

Friday, May 3, 2024
We start this post with a joyous occasion shaking in Las Vegas.

2024 Canarelli Middle School Colts
Soccer Awards Night

Kevin is on a knee in the front row, farthest to the right.

The 11-3 Colts will be involved in a single elimination post-season playoff tournament that starts next Tuesday in their quest to become the 2024 Las Vegas Middle School Soccer Champions. 

A Proud Dad and a Happy Son

I loved the horseshoe as each Colts player's award tonight.

Then there was some more moving . . .

Another truck load of family
heirlooms from my Mother's home

First, a thanks to Debi Murphy for letting us borrow her venerable, reliable pick up truck today.

Laurie and I needed it in response to my sister Linda's request that we drive down to take more of our Mother's furniture that Linda would like to see stay in the family.

Since her passing last November, Linda has been in charge of the sale of our family home and the disposition of everything in it.

It is a daunting task to say the least but everything should be out of the house by the end of the month and the house that we've called our family home since 1958 will finally go on sale.

While Lady Williams was not
on the truck . . .

. . . this Barqueño was

A Barqueño is an ancient Spanish writing desk that when decorated, cleaned up and opened . . .

. . . looks like this

Now we just need to figure out where best to place it in our much smaller and quickly getting cluttered home.

We may need a bigger house.

Meanwhile, on the University of Washington Huskies recruiting trail . . .

Ventura H.S. LB Tristan Phillips
with UW luminary Mark Johnson

Tristan is a highly sought after athlete who will only be a high school Junior next season.

This weekend he was taking an unofficial visit to the Huskies' Seattle campus with his parents, Brett and Debbie.

Our friend Mark offered to be their guide during their short stay in the Emerald City.


As the weekend neared, the EuroBall graphics ramped up a notch as usual.

France's DI Rankings

Still in France, the 6-1 Marseille
Blue Stars will host the 3-4 Cannes
Iron Masks on Saturday

A BIG one in Belgium DI play, the
Amsterdam Crusaders (5-0) host
Rotterdam Trojans (4-1) on Sunday

I still think that Jacob should
sign up for one of these camps

A great excuse for me to chaperone him on the Continent this Summer.

Final odds and ends . . .

These ube cookies from Trader Joe's

We fell in love with the flavor of the purple Philippine ube plant, which is similar in texture to a yam, a few years ago on one of our Maui vacations.

These are not to be missed on your next Trader Joe's shopping spree.

Can't wait to go to this fun
Scandinavian Festival

It is always a fun event that brings back great memories of the wonderful people that we met while coaching Sweden's Hässleholm Hurricanes and Wäsby Warriors years ago.

Laurie and I have truly shared an amazing retirement.

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